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Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends That Cost Less than RM100

by Esther Kuok. |

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Your best friend’s birthday is around the corner, and you haven’t got the time to get him/her a gift they truly deserve (and they deserve only the best)? Or you’ve racked your brains forever for fantastic ideas but come up dry? Or you know exactly what they would love but need something a little more within budget (or you’ll be eating Maggi cup noodles for the next few weeks)?

Well, we’ve pulled together a little list to be your gift helper for your best friend’s special day!

1) For the gym buff

We all know a friend who’s always posting gym selfies and looking cute in their gym outfits. They are the ones who would hit the gym regularly and are always involved in some fitness activity – be it boxing, spin class, yoga, pilates or muay thai.

Well, what better gift for your fitness junkie buddy than Classpass credits! Classpass is a flexible gym membership plan where you can attend various studio classes, gyms, activities at your own convenience.

You can give credits in the value of RM50, RM100 or any amount that fits your budget.

You can even write a special and personalised message that goes along with your gift of credits.

Now your friend can actually put your gift to good use and go for a class they would enjoy – better yet, both of you can try new classes together! After all, nothing bonds better than a real sweaty workout!

2) For the hobby enthusiast

Everyone has passion and a hobby they enjoy doing during their free time. It could be anything from baking, cooking, photography, painting, calligraphy or even barista skills (it’s not easy to make a damn good cup of coffee!).

The perfect gift for your hobby enthusiast friend would be workshops. Fortunately, there’s always tons of upcoming workshop in Malaysia these days. You can always check out Facebook events and groups, cafes, or even follow local Instagram pages for any workshops.

A good place to attend various workshops would be A Space To – Café in Damansara - from building your very own succulent garden, to designing and creating polymer clay earrings – how cool is that!

Here are some other workshops worth checking out below RM100:

ABC Cooking Studio – Trial Lesson Cooking/Baking

Price: RM95 per pax; RM 70 when booked online

Journalling and Handwriting Mini-Workshop

#papersayang session by heysayang x LAMY

Price: RM108 (use code PAPERSAYANG10 for 10% off before 21st July – voila below RM100!)

*Bonus: If you don’t mind going slightly above budget

Art & Bonding – Sip & Paint Night (paint while you drink wine!)

Price: starts at RM 136.50 (includes free glass of wine, canvas, art materials and free-flow of non-alcoholic drinks)

PS: Workshops are also great for bonding with your bestie!

3) For the stressed out friend

There’s nothing worst when your beloved best friend is down in the dumps or stressed out from life – whether its work, family or relationships. You know that they need some cheering up – in fact more than that – especially if their special day is just around the corner.

Get your stressed out buddy a nice and relaxing massage to straighten out all the knots in their body, undo their stress and put a smile on their face.

There are various pamper packages offered from Fave, and most of them are pretty reasonable too:

Healthland - Full Body Thai Oil Massage / Foot Reflexology for 1 Person

Choose from:

45-min full body Thai oil massage + 45-min foot massage

90-min full body Thai oil massage

90-min foot massage

Price: RM68 on Fave

Eve De Beauty - 2-Hour Aromatherapy Full Body Massage + Jacuzzi Spa, Body Scrub, and Hot Stone Massage for 1 Person

2-hour package includes:

1-hour full body aromatherapy massage

20-min hot stone massage

20-min jacuzzi spa

20-min full body scrub

Price: RM 88 on Fave

If your best friend prefers to laugh away his/her blues instead, Crackhouse Comedy in TTDI is great place for stand-up comedy with local flavour. Tickets range from RM15-RM50 on average, depending on the type of shows.

4) For the foodie friend

Some people eat to live, some live to eat. If your best friend falls into the latter category, food is the way to your bestie’s stomach for sure. Treat your friend to a meal they will never forget by bringing them for a buffet of wondrous spreads.

Eat your heart out to sashimi

Mitasu Japanese Buffet

Price: RM64.50++ per pax

Address: Central Plaza, 2506, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Have a luxurious meal

Diners at Essence by Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

International Food Buffet

Price: RM 84++ per pax

Address: Level 1, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Dine with a view

Atmosphere 369 (KL’s Revolving Restaurant)

Afternoon Tea Buffet

Price: RM 68 on Fave

*Bonus: This includes admission to Blue Coral Aquarium and a gift voucher – would be amazing for an added aquarium trip to spend time with your best friend!

You may find out more about Esther from her Instagram too!

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