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Editing And Creative Apps For The Broke Millennial

by Dewi Ridzuan |

You want the full spectrum of what Adobe can offer, and every time you go to the store you do a double-take at those MacBook Airs. Money can buy almost anything, and you are frustrated that you don’t have it.

Eventually, you would have to settle for something not as pro as the gadgets you want. Always bear in mind though; price merely lets you buy the tools but does not guarantee the quality of the finished product. The quality you control! Hence, here are a few editing and creative apps for the everyday broke millennial.

1. YouCut

It can be frustrating to download an app, spend hours on a draft, only to find out that there is a big watermark plastered onto your video. Everyone wants to give credit, but some can’t afford a monthly subscription yet. Thankfully, YouCut has come to the rescue.

Source: Disruptivo

YouCut is a video editing app where you can edit videos seamlessly. users rarely switch to another app as YouCut gives them wide access to many video editing essentials for free. What features are free though? Besides the standard effects like cut & trim, your videos will never have a watermark on them!

I got to give props to their app developers for YouCut has a user-friendly interface with few confusing jargons. Their tutorial on how to work the app is so short and sweet, you’d be familiar with the system in minutes. No more going through the burdensome process of finding royalty-free music for videos either. YouCut has a library of 100% free music for you to use. Of course, you may have to watch an ad first but hey, they need to make revenue somehow!

2. Canva

How does one generate content easily, without the grunt work? If you want to skip having to think of visual concepts or create a quick poster, Canva does the trick!

Source: Febrian Zakaria

With so many exceptional features, I will highlight the most relevant things that make Canva so great. Their platform has existing templates for posters, presentation decks, infographics and more! Even start on a clean slate on a blank canvas if you want. Canva notably has the easiest design tools on the web, and any unskilled lass can do graphic design thanks to their easy drag-and-drop interface.

They have also thought about everything for you so you don’t have to go through the cumbersome search on how to start designing. No more Googling size dimensions for stories or posts on Instagram and Facebook. Canva already has it in default templates! You can also use their illustrations to prettify your design. It doesn’t stop just there, have a go at animating videos and pictures on their web editor too.

3. Vecteezy

Ah, you have an assignment coming up and the marking rubric states that design and creativity are worth 20%. Sounds like a small cut but you are not about to risk ruining your overall grade, right? So, why not get a partner like Vecteezy to get that score!

Source: Balázs Kétyi

Vecteezy has one of the largest online communities of vector artists. For those of you scratching your head, vector graphics are image files just like JPG or PNG. The difference is, no matter how much you zoom in or out, the pixels are never compromised and stay smooth. On Vecteezy, there are high-quality vectors and illustrations for anything at all. Just try typing in ‘hospital’, ‘love,’ or anything really and thousands of vectors will pop up!

To ensure their users get their best service, Vecteezy has a built-in online editor. So if you found a graphic or illustration there that you like, but don’t fancy some elements to it, you can easily edit on their site! Anything is editable; the fonts, size and colours can be changed swiftly.

A small red flag may have popped up though, aren’t they copyrighted? Vecteezy has smoothed out that wrinkle with its excellent filtering tab! You can choose from any of these levels: ‘Free’, ‘Pro’ or the ‘Editor Use Only’ license. These 3 different levels dictate how you can use the artwork.

4. Autodesk Sketchbook

Unlike our neighbours up West, the other side uses mainly Android products. However, many creatives often think “If only Apple made an Android-version of their Procreate app.” Too late Apple, Autodesk Sketchbook is now serving what the people want!

Source: Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is a software application coveted as one of the most popular design apps. With a useful amount of tools to utilize, this app is like heaven-sent for many creatives. Many users are frustrated by the lack of brushes they get from some apps. However, Autodesk has an extensive library of brushes with varying textures similar to Procreate!

What also sets them apart is that their colouring options are plentiful. Aside from the traditional colour wheel, they have the Copic digital colour palette! There is also an option to set your preferences in the RGB (red, green, blue) feature for you lot who need their work to look good on computer displays.

5. Pixel Retouch Studio

All you want to do is remove that photobomber from your picture, but cropping would distort the image’s dimensions. Plus, it’s just a photo so you aren’t about to hire someone just to erase something. Well, now you can do it yourself with Pixel Retouch Studio!

Source: Apkpure

What started as a beta test is now a full-fledged app, the Pixel Retouch Studio finally created the Remove Unwanted Object app! No more figuring out the complicated gears of Photoshop. This app only has 3 features, but that is all it takes to get your perfect photo.

To remove objects, you have two options. One being ‘object remove’ and the other is ‘quick remove.’ Ultimately, they both erase the undesired object and fill the space behind automatically. However, sometimes the background is tricky so it could turn out awry. The upside is that there is no watermark imposed, so that makes up for it.

6. Piktochart

Maybe you have already tried the aforementioned Canva, but it’s not working out for you. No more skimming through reviews or your search results anymore, because Piktochart is waiting for you!

Source: Daniel Korpai

This Malaysian company is another web-based application where you can create infographics, posters, name cards and more. They’ve got the whole setup, from the wide range of fonts, the library of vectors and of course, readymade templates! Piktochart is a simple solution for non-designers, so we skip having to rack our brains to create stunning content.

The one issue I have to point out is that you have a limited storage space of up to 5 visuals only. My tip is that if you really cannot afford the premium, just delete the visuals you do not need anymore when you’re done to save space. There is also a watermark, but only on the bottom of your visual and not smacked right across it.

The world doesn’t seem so bleak when you realize that not everything is made only for the social classes who can afford it. Plus, sometimes our limits propel us into becoming more creative with our ideas. At the end of this juncture, you would become someone adept at churning something worthwhile out, no matter what tools you do or do not have.

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