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Exciting! Here Are 6 Social Influencers Who Just Got Engaged

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

It seems like love is in the air.

What better way to pronounce your love than to declare your intention to marry? To make things even more romantic, some men have gone through the length of proposing during a holiday abroad! Talk about a proposal to remember.

Which is why as we head towards the end of the year, which is synonymous with holiday season for many, lots of people have started to get engaged-- social media influencers included. How amazing is that?!

Among those who have put a ring on it are as follows.

Dennis Yin & Jazel

Photo credit to @dennisyin

On September 1st, Dennis Yin surprised his 101K followers on Instagram by posting a photograph of Jazel Lim wearing not only a large smile, but a huge rock on her ring finger as well. He had proposed to her during their trip in Australia, at the Twelve Apostles!

Dennis simply captioned the photograph with two short and sweet sentences.

... and she said “Yes”💍 Till forever, I love you @jazelxlim ❤️#WeAreEngaged #DxJRunaway#SheSaidYes

Of course, you can't expect one posting about the engagement without the other, can you? Jazel posted a photograph of her hand held in Dennis's on the same day, with an equally heart-melting caption for everyone to behold:

Photo credit to @jazelxlim

I’d say yes to you over & over again. I love you to infinity & beyond❤️ • • • #DenZel #DxJRunaway #isaidyes #💍#weareengaged

The captions might not have been long, but we could feel the love all the same!

Jane Chuck & Han Pin

Photo credit to @janechuck

It was only a matter of time for Jane Chuck and Han Pin, and it seemed that September 30th was the day for it. Coincidentally, the proposal happened in the same month Dennis got down on one knee for Jazel! Sweet!

In the case of Jane and Han Pin, he proposed to her during what looked like a luxurious holiday in Jaipur, Rajasthan. After accepting his proposal, the famous influencer, Jane, posted a photograph of her sharing a kiss with Han Pin.

A single word served as the caption for the picture:

💍 yes. 💍

Photo credit to @hanpinma

I don't know about you, but that one word perfectly encapsulates everything that their relationship and new engagement signifies.

Drea Chong

Photo credit to @dreachong

Again, in the month of September, did news of yet another influencer proposal come to light. This time, it came from Singaporean-born Andrea Chong, the founder of Digital Advertising Agency DC Creative and the blogger behind dreachong.com.

That said, unlike the first two couples, Drea chose to keep mum on her engagement for about a month before sharing her joy with her followers. Her fiance, Imran, proposed to her during their sunset cruise holiday in Maldives, and let me tell you, it doesn't take a genius to decode that she was positively gushing in her Instagram post about it.

A little secret I've been keeping... @imranrahim_ and I are engaged! It was a perfect sunset cruise in the Maldives a month ago, the company of just the two of us (plus our very helpful skipper who took this shot!), and a genuinely caught off-guard me that made the whole thing really intimate and special. We spent the past month sharing the happy news with family and friends, and will spend the next planning our "Tunang" (Engagement Ceremony in Malay), so wish me luck! For now, lets just say it's still surreal to call Imran my fiancé. ☺️ (P.S. I share a little bit more about the proposal on my stories)

Who says stuff like this only happens in the movies?

Yasmin Redzuan

Photo credit to @princessmeenie

Although Yasmin Redzuan did not share the details about her engagement on her Instagram posts, we thought that hers was worthy of mention.

Ever sweet and smiling, Yasmin posted a photo of her and her beau with the following caption on August 19th:

On my way to our dream. Dreams do come true, with effort and prayers ❤️

She was all smiles whilst standing beside him, dressed in an elegant cream lace kebaya and a mixed bouquet of roses in her hands. Her fiance's expression is open and teasing, his affection for her clear. If you cannot feel the sheer adoration that this couple has for each other in this picture, we don't know what would.

Congratulations to all the newly engaged!! We wish you all the happiness there is!

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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