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Editor's Note: Introduction to Crunch

If you picked this up thinking it is a food magazine, let us just put it out there for you: it is not. There will be features about food somewhere along the way (after all, you cannot take food away from Malaysians), but this magazine is definitely more than that.


When we were working on this digital magazine, our goal was very simple. We wanted to share with you the most sought after social media trends and information. However, we do not want this to just be another information portal. We want this to be YOUR magazine. We want you to feel like it is your trusty friend who brings you exciting news and content. We want this to be your monthly Crunch of bite-sized information (geddit geddit?). We want you to look forward to each issue as you would the first CRUNCH of ayam goreng when you get into work (don’t deny, we all know you cannot wait for lunchtime!). We want this to be a CRUNCH of the social media industry.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy and devour each and every Crunch of this magazine that we have put together for you. It’s okay, we guarantee it is 100% calorie and gluten-free.

Happy Crunching!

Your Editor-in-Chief,

Emily Goh Yi En

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