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DIY Ideas for a Room Makeover Without Breaking The Bank

By Christine Yeoh. |

Just moved in to your new space, and feeling broke from all the expenses used for moving in?

Or perhaps you are thinking of spicing up your current place, making it more cosy and homely, but don’t really have a big budget to spend?

We feel you. Maybe now you are not able to afford an interior designer or get furniture that might cost you an entire month of salary, but that does not mean you cannot spruce up your space!

Here are some simple (and pocket friendly!) ways you can upgrade your space so it looks and feel like a million bucks.

1. Add mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Source: @alysestudios

Have you ever wondered why does fancy houses look so huge? Sure, most of them are owned by someone rich and therefore have a bigger space; but there is actually a trick that can create an illusion of a huge place even if it is not.

By cleverly adding in mirrors in strategic places, you can switch up your interior and give a sense of a much bigger space. On top of that, you get to check yourself out from time to time (we all know you do it, so don’t be shy!).

If you do not want to spend a lot on this, you can DIY one of your old mirrors lying around and upgrade it on your own! Just sandpaper the frame (if it is made of wood) and repaint it white or any colour that fits your interior, and voila! You got yourself a brand new mirror that looks like you spend hundreds on!

2. Adding multiple photo frames on your wall.

Source: aesthethecurator.com

Have a naked wall and not sure on what to put on it? You can try adding multiple different sizes of photo frames on it and make it a Wall of Fame in your very own home!

A good tip is to spend some extra time on planning before you nail your photo frames right away. This can help you avoid crooked and uneven photos that will awaken your slight inner OCD.

Gold, black or white frames will instantly look luxurious while keeping it simple and minimal.

You can get pretty reasonable ones from IKEA.

3. Add a wire grid on your wall that is functional and Insta-worthy.

Source: chasingthebeauty.com

If you are one of those people that spend a lot of time looking at interior designs on Pintrest and Instagram, this wire grid frame is definitely something you have seen before.

Replicate this look by dropping by a Daiso or KAISON near you, get it for less than RM 50, and you can place it near your study desk or your vanity table, and bam! It instantly upgrades the look!

The best part about this wire grid is that it is equally functional too! You can clip on photos, memos and even place pen holders if you are using it at your study desk. If you are using it near your vanity, you can show off your collection of earrings on the wire grid while adding a touch of your style into the interior of your room.

4. Add a touch of Gold to your Handles.

Source: Pinterest

Sick of looking at the same old silver door or drawer handles? Change the old and shined out handles and give it a gold makeover! All you need to do is drop by an art and craft store to buy a gold spray and set yourself up for a simple DIY project to respray all your handles.

Source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

With this simple step, you got yourself a luxurious looking room without having to break your bank.

5. Upgrade your surfaces with Marble Contact Paper.

Source: Pinterest

Sick of your old plain table? Or perhaps you have tough coffee mug stains that can’t seem to rub off? Or even if you are bored of the same dull looking surface around your house?

Changing it out entirely will cost you a lot (and not to mention, so not eco-friendly). So opt for changing a new look by slapping on some marble contact paper.

All you need is just a scraper and some marble contact paper, and you got yourself a brand new look!

Don’t be too intimidated by this, all you need is some patience to stick it, scrape off the air bubbles and you are good to go; with a spanking, sparkly new surface that spells F-A-N-C-Y!

We hope these simple hacks and tips will inspire you to indulge in a room makeover that is fun (be in touch with your creative side!) and yet affordable so you get to enjoy a new space without the notion of breaking your pocket.

Have fun and good luck!

You can find out more about Christine on her Instagram too!

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