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#CrunchTest Movie Review: UGLY DOLLS

Updated: May 7, 2019

Disclaimer: There could be spoilers in this review.

Ugly Dolls depicts the unconventional side of all fairy-tale stories - where being weird is celebrated, being strange is special and beauty is more than what meets the eye.

As one of the trailers pretty much reveals the main parts of the plot where ugly dolls who don’t ‘make it’ from the factory’s production stage gets tossed to a town known as Uglyville; while the ‘perfect’ dolls make it out to the Big World, to be owned by little kids.

The movie mainly revolves around Moxy, the main character (played by Kelly Clarkson) who has always been curious about the other side of the world and brings her friends along with her on the adventure.

Fun fact (in case you didn’t know): many renowned singers and actors like Nick Jonas, Pitbull, Bebe Rexha, Janelle Monae, Charlie XCX, Emma Roberts, Wanda Sykes, Blake Shelton and even Wang Lee Hom stars in this movie too!

Watch the trailer here:

It’s clear-cut to see the lessons that the directors wanted to portray, especially to young children - that the grass isn’t really greener on the other side and there’s no such thing as a perfect fairytale story.

As most family friendly movies are actually more suited to children, we wanted to know from the parents’ perspective if they liked it too.

We invited 2 of our Movie Buffs to attend the premiere with their family and here’s had to say.

Overall, here’s how it scored on the Crunch O’ Meter!


What Sarah Thinks:

Sarah's son is 7 years old.

Instagram: @nsarahr

1. What do you think about the plot of the movie?

The plot of the movie was a little cliché but definitely touches the heart (the kids were tearing up!). It had a lot of good messages like the usual never give up, believe in yourself and be yourself and I really love how Ugly Dolls promotes a lot of self love! A great life value to hold on to and lyrics to the songs were empowering to introduce in today’s youth.

2. As a family friendly movie, do you think that Ugly Dolls is suitable for both kids and adults?

Yes, definitely as both generations will be able to pick up a thing or two for a better perspective about perfection and self love. Moxy and her little squad of Ugly Dolls proved that there’s a lot more that meets the eye. It takes inner self believe and letting go of the idea of being perfect to go far; in which case, they did!

3. What could the movie do better?

I felt that there was a missing element in the movie which was forgiveness. What the movie could have done better was to provide a better ending for both Moxy and Lou. Lou’s ending was left hanging and he became an outcast instead of becoming friends with the others (guess he was not forgiven for what he did) Lou after all had his fair share of misery being a prototype. I felt that the directors could’ve provided an ending that was good for him as well.

However, it was still 100% approved by the kids!

4. From a parent's perspective, do you think your kid(s) are able to learn anything from the movie?

Definitely! Moxy may be an “Ugly Doll” from Uglyville but she’s confident and believes in herself greatly while encouraging self love. During the Gauntlet Challenge, Moxy was just seconds away from completing it but she turned back to console the baby that had just been hurt by Lou. Dolls who passed the Gauntlet were deemed “ready”/ “perfect” for the outside world and Moxy broke free from that idea to console a baby who was in pain which was her truest nature; she eventually passed the test because of it. Shows how the “imperfections” are really what makes you perfect at the end of the day :)

5. From 1-5, how would you rate this movie?

I’d give it a 4; kids however give it a 5!

What Intan Thinks:

Intan's son is 11 years old & her daughter is 8 years old.

Instagram: @intanbakar77

1. What do you think about the plot of this movie?

It was a pretty good movie overall. It has great content and message. A lot of good values we could learn from it. My kids really enjoyed it!

2. As a family friendly movie, do you think that Ugly Dolls is suitable for both kids and adults?

Yeah, definitely! This movie is very suitable for parents and kids because it’s tugs on both humour and the sentimental moments.

3. What could the movie do better?

I have nothing to complain about. All the characters in this movie played and presented well. But the character I really loved is Moxy. Her character really stands and she’s confident, idealistic, optimistic and funny at the same time.

4. From a parent’s perspective, do you think your kid(s) are able to learn anything from the movie?

This movie is good to watch with the whole family. It’s very educational and the songs in this movie really lift up and full of motivations. It's about hope and dreams that everyone could achieve as long as you believe in it and don’t give up!

5. From 1 - 5, how much would you rate this movie?


Have you watched UGLY DOLLS too? Let us know what you think about the movie!

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