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Creative Ways To Find Side Income To Achieve Financial Independence

by Kelly Chok. |

Side hustles are pretty common in every other millennial’s career. The beauty is that many don’t require huge initial investments but each has the potential to earn you some extra money. It’s an amazing way to explore other career opportunities without quitting your full-time job. Also, it allows you to network with people in a new career field, which is a great way to explore career options. Plus, it makes you more versatile and who knows, you might pick up a new skill or two.

Here are some creative ways to find side income to achieve financial independence:

1. Cook For Your Colleagues

Love cooking? Consider meal prepping for your colleagues! This is a great way to earn extra income in your own workplace simply by prepping breakfast and lunch for them. All you have to do is meal prep during the weekends or start your day earlier to cook for your colleagues. The payoff isn’t as bad as you’d imagine.

2. Ghostwriting

You can now earn money as a Grammer Nazi. Ghostwriters are writers for hire who take money but none of the credit for the work produced. You can start by ghostwriting blog posts, websites, books and even reports for people who are too preoccupied.

You can look for gigs at Upwork to kickstart your ghostwriting side hustle.

3. Resume Consultant

Aside from ghostwriting, you can also consider being a resume consultant for fresh grads. Put your Illustrator, Photoshop & writing skills to use by crafting a personalized resume for people.

Bantu Marketplace is a great site to start.

4. 'Sell' Your Skills Online

Find that you're able to take great photos and edit pretty much like a pro?

Sites like Udemy and Skillshare are great skill-sharing platforms with a huge online community. Ranging from music to business, you can literally offer any lessons.

5. Write social media captions for startups

Never underestimate the power of social media captions. As a technologically savvy millennial, you should put your skills to good use! Pitch to a startup and suggest ways to improve their social media platforms.

Handy tools like Airtable, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, provide hassle free content management services to schedule your posts.

6. Sell Anything Online!

Handmade crafts, pastries, pre-loved items - you name it! Sell your items on platforms like Carousell, LetGo or even Instagram and Facebook Marketplace to maximize your reach.

7. Complete Surveys

You can definitely make some really nice cash by completing surveys. You can squeeze a bit of your time during lunch hours and complete a survey or two every day. I recommend joining several sites to maximize your potential to earn more.

There are several good options to choose from such as Panel Place, Touna Influencers, Clixsense and WowApp.

8. Be A Mystery Shopper

Help companies improve their services by spying on stores. You will be trained to act as ‘normal’ customers to test services and products. If you have Oscar winning acting skills, you should definitely give it a try. I recommend visiting Opinion Hero for more in-depth knowledge on being a mystery shopper.

There is no harm in taking up a few side hustles but do make sure to check your company’s policy to avoid conflict of interest. It is also crucial to work for your side hustle after company hours so that it doesn’t interfere with your day job.

Bottom line? Have fun with it! The world is your oyster, there’s nothing stopping you from making this come true.

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