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Editor's Note: CNY Kuih Kapit VS Valentine's Day Chocolates

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

This note is brought to you by our Editor-in-chief, Emily Goh Yi En

Photo Credit: Our Bloggerati, @careentxy

Ahhh February, the shortest month of the year is here again! This year, the inevitable has happened once more; Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year season are happening at the same time. Because of this clash of Western and Eastern celebrations, some tension could be present in the household. After all, having to choose between going on a bigdate with your girlfriend or staying home to help prepare for your family’s CNY reunion dinner is a big decision.

This awkward aspect aside, February signifies the month of love. Be it with your significant other or your family and loved ones, it’s a month to celebrate togetherness. Instead of being forced to choose sides, why not opt to get the best of both worlds?

Take this time to bring your significant other back home and visit each other’s families. Prepare a home-cooked dinner and enjoy it together. This way, you get the best of both worlds… And isn’t this so much more meaningful?

In this issue, from sharing ways to show love to your brand consumers (advertisers, this one is for you!), exploring online dating, and even to cooking up a storm for CNY; we will give you the best of this festive season.

So come and join us! Curl up on your sofas, take a bite of CNY kuih kapit together with a bite

of Valentine’s Day chocolate, and indulge in yet another irresistible Crunch.

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