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Classic Creepy Films to Watch This Halloween

by Nik Siti Maisarah. |

The spookiest month of the year has finally arrived! What is the better way to celebrate the occasion if not through watching horror films that will definitely keep you on the edge of your comforting sofa? Here is the list of best creepy films for you to binge during the witching hour of Halloween!

1. Scream (1996)

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

The news about the horrible death of a high school teenager strikes an absolute fear in the town that Sidney Prescott resides in. The timing could not be any more perfect as her mother’s first death anniversary is coming near. Just like the dead girl, Sidney receives an anonymous phone call that threatens to kill her. From there on, everything and everyone look extra fishy to her; she has problems trusting the people that she cares the most as these people acting quite ambiguously around her. Nothing is scarier than knowing the people around your circle are the ones responsible for your misery, which Sidney could totally relate. With a dash of dark humor and teenage angst, Scream remains one of the superior slasher films to this day.

2. Child's Play

“Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?”

While the reboot of Child’s Play has its potentials, the original film will make you want to burn every doll that you ever own. Andy Barclay’s dream to own a Good Guy doll comes true when his mother brings home the doll she bought from the homeless peddler near her workplace. Unlike other Good Guy dolls that Andy saw from his television, his Chucky operates in the most peculiar manner. It turns out that the doll is possessed by a dying murderer’s soul that wants to escape from the authority. The plot thickens when Chucky is suddenly showing a strange fascination towards Andy.

3. Jeepers Creepers

“Jeepers creepers Where'd you get those peepers Jeepers creepers Where'd you get those eyes”

Within a few minutes in, the film initially seems to be family-friendly as Trish and Darry are having regular siblings bantering in the car while on the road back home for a spring break. Their childish prattles are suddenly disturbed by a constant honking from the truck driver behind them; driving rather recklessly, almost taunting them for no apparent reason. Darry, being the biggest person, gives the rude truck driver his way. The siblings are somewhat saved from the erratic truck driver, until they pass an old church; spotting the same truck that has caused them a complete distress, which is parked near the decrepit building. The chain of events is set in motion when they catch a glimpse of the truck driver dumping a human-like figure, shrouded in white cloth with red stains on it down the huge pipe connected to the church. The horror that they later on discover would not leave you, as the audience, disappointed with this turn of event.

4. Evil Dead (1981)

“I have seen the dark shadows moving in the woods and I have no doubt that whatever I have resurrected through this book is sure to come crawling… for me.”

A fun weekend getaway turns awry when a group of university students discovers an evil book called Necronomicon and a tape recorder that contains an incantation for evoking spirits. Just like any other curious teenager in horror films, they mess with something that they have should not and they have to pay a heavy price for it. It is up to Ash Williams to decide whether to save his friends or … dismember them for the greater good.

5. The Craft (1996)

“I drink of my sisters and I take into myself… all the power of Manon. Blessed be.”

Outcasts attract one another, and it is the same case with Sarah Bailey and her three newfound friends. Bonnie, Rochelle and Nancy are labelled as ‘witches’ at their school due to their edgy appearance and, also from the obvious reason of them practicing witchcraft. The results from their rituals are proved futile as they need a ‘fourth’ to succeed and Sarah fits the bill, since she is already a gifted witch from the get-go. From harmless to revenge spells, the girls are the force to be reckoned with, which slowly turns them into power-hungry witches that want to cast mischievous acts every now and then. Would Sarah have enough courage and strength to stop her friends from causing any more destruction? If you are into incantations and the whole shebang, the film is perfect to be added in your Halloween movie marathon.

Well, there you go! The films mentioned above dabble between being borderline and extremely creepy which definitely haunt you for the rest of unholy month. May the provided list of horror movies will rock your Halloween night to your hardest core.

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