• Melissa Kartini

China's New Monkey King Movie is Basically a Made in China Iron Man Movie

Just when the "Made in China" jokes have begun to die down in recent years, China has given reason for them to pop up again.

All in the form of a film that suspiciously looks a lot like an Iron Man ripoff.

The film in question is "Armored War God Monkey King", a movie that is about a famous character called the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, from Chinese legend. The film follows Sun Wukong's journey through Heaven and Hell to rescue the love of his life, and in the process, acquires an armored suit and does battle with an armored rival as well.

Co-produced by Beijing’s Daishu Movie and Guangzhou’s Grandmet Presentation, "Armored War God Monkey King" debuted yesterday on Tencent Video.

The similarities that its trailer alone bears with Marvel's Iron Man were enough that it received severe backlash from even Chinese netizens. Yikes!

In fact, one comment on Weibo stated, "Stan Lee passed away not that long ago. How dare you?"

Although the filmmakers have not said that they had plagiarised Iron Man, they have admitted that they were influenced by Iron Man, Transformers and Gundam. In the trailer, however, it is the Iron Man influences that stand out the most.

You can watch the trailer below and judge for yourself.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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