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Best Feel Good Netflix Shows To Binge Watch on a Weekday Night

By Alina Wong |

Click. Click. Click. Are you scrolling endlessly through Netflix in hopes of finding something to watch after a long day of work/school? Well, we have just your answer! Leave your dose of enigmatic murder-mysteries, melodramatic medical dramas and tear-jerkers aside for the weekends, because here are some feel-good shows on Netflix to help you end your weekdays on a high note:

1. Queer Eye

Image: Duke Chronicle

No surprises here, this reality TV series about five guys – unapologetically called The Fab Five – taking normal people on an amazing journey of self-discovery and self-love is a social commentary while never skimping on style, a perfect watch to get out of life’s funks. Queer Eye is more than just a makeover so prepare to get absorbed into unique, powerful stories and watch as these people grow more beautiful inside and out. Don’t forget your napkins because this show never fails to bring about happy tears!

2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Image: Netflix

Odd doesn’t even begin to describe this sitcom, and I assure you that it’s going to get weirder and weirder but you’re going to love every second of it. What’s not love about a chirpy grown woman with a mentality of a 15 year old trying to live her best life in the harsh city of New York? Absolutely nothing, you’d fall in love with Kimmy’s infectious spirit along with equally interesting side characters who are sure to keep you watching.

3. The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Image: IMDB

If you’re a fan of shows like Masterchef and Chopped, then you would definitely enjoy this lighthearted alternative. The Big Family Cooking Showdown is exactly what its’ title suggests, families competing in the kitchen, and it is sure to offer platefuls of creative and mouthwatering dishes, special and unique to each family’s traditions. The interactions between competing families is sure to be a wholesome treat away from the usual stress inducing, harshly critiqued – I’m looking at you, Gordon Ramsay – cooking competitions we watch.

4. Welcome to Waikiki

Image: New on Netflix

This South Korean sitcom follows a group of three guys trying to live out their aspirations while running a failing guesthouse, hilarity ensues as we get caught up in the groups’ goofy antics that make you wonder how they got themselves in that situation in the first place. It is nothing short of pure fun with endearing characters, a lot of heart, a lady with the nickname Chewbacca and an incredibly adorable baby.

5. Kim’s Convenience

Image: IMDB

This series is definitely one of the more ‘under the radar’ entries on this list, it centers around a Korean-Canadian family who own a convenient store. And, yes, that is a very simple premise, but trust me, it is going to deliver! With plenty of family quarrels, budding relationships and lots of laughs – mostly due to the clueless but very lovable Appa. If you’re looking for a truly pure, fun-filled family sitcom, this is definitely the one to watch, and with a third season on its’ way, what a better reason to binge watch the first two seasons! For all the ladies out here, Jung is eye-candy beyond words, and for this reason solely, one should tune in.

6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image: Google

This is an oldie but a goodie that definitely gets you cracking up. You are not going to find a normal police force on this show, that’s for sure. From the screaming while vigorously strumming a guitar in an interrogation room to pie-tasting competitions, this workplace comedy has people clutching their stomach laughing, brought together by a talented cast including Andy Samberg and Terry Crews, you are sure to get your daily dose of laughter with this one!

We hope either one of these shows will be a great mid-week pick me up entertainment after a long day at work. Comedy or a reality show, perhaps these light-hearted yet entertaining series would be perfect for your down-time before you get to bed.

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