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Are You Sharing Too Much Information with Your Co-Workers?

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

by Seetha Ravindran. |

A workplace is more like a second home to many of us which makes your co-workers pretty much like 2nd family. A whole chunk of our time is spent at work with our co-workers that we feel like might as well live there. Just kidding, please go back home when you’re done.

Let's face it - as much as we want to to avoid sharing your day to day life and personal issues with your co-workers, it's often not possible. We.. work, see and communicate with them five days a week throughout the year. Sometimes even have plans together over the weekend or after working hours.

Which brings me to – how safe is it to share your thoughts without sharing too much information (TMI) with them and how much should you actually share with them?

1. Be wary of who you trust

As cliché as it sounds – we got to be careful of who we trust especially at a workplace even if it may appear somewhat selfish. Everyone is living their lives at the edge of a race especially when you’re at work - wanting to succeed just like everyone else. Trust takes time to build but seconds to shatter. It’s just like how you meet someone on Day 1 and wouldn’t share your secrets to them within the first week. Ideally, if you find that the matters will affect your availability at work, it’s best to keep personal matters back home.

2. Share your career goals with the right people.

Often, this has to do with jealousy at work. Identify if the colleague you trust and close to is fighting for the same goals as you. Reaching the target? Winning the ‘Best Performer badge’? Yes, being in a competitive environment could be healthy for your career growth. However, revealing every little thing might end up getting you wounded and especially if you’ve been working hard to reach your goals.

Instead, share it with your boss because he/she will be able to assess your progress and if that position you’re looking for will fall through. Even if you are looking at moving on to another company, it’s good to discuss with your HR manager, boss or your senior as valuable advices could be given to you. After all, you will eventually leave the company sooner or later - might as well make the best out of it!

3. Talk when the time is right

You know how when you’re stressed to the verge of breaking down and all you want to do is rant? We’re human. It’s pretty much in our nature to rant because it’s how we express ourselves but constantly blasting your emotions to your desk mates might not be the best of ideas.

You may share about your vacation plans or even excerpts from the conference you had attended – but maybe at the pantry or over lunch. Talking about certain things at your desk in front of all your co-workers could appear annoying as you might be distracting others. Plus, you might never know who is observing your professionalism during work like handling situations at times of crisis or when you’re in a casual discussion.

4. What about office gossips?

The truth is gossip is always toxic. To a certain extent, completely cutting out gossips is honestly not realistic but it totally subjective to the context of the discussion. If you don’t share anything you would feel isolated and unable to develop work relationship with you co-workers. That could lead frustration and depression at work too. However, gossiping could also make others not to trust you as they fear you will do the same. Often times, scuttlebutts will go gossiping around. If you are frustrated with a co-worker, discuss it with someone you trust or resolve with them in person privately.

All in all, treat your work relationship just like how you’d treat your friends. The trick is to find a balance between making your co-workers to get to know you and be comfortable around you without affecting your reputation and career.

Good luck!

You can find out more about Seetha from her Instagram.

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