• Melissa Kartini

Anti-ICERD Aunty Gets Interviewed, Fails to Answer Anti-ICERD Questions

Normally, when you are fighting for a cause, you would be able to answer questions asking why you're doing such a thing. Alas, this is not always the case for some.

For some of us, when we're put under media spotlight, we end up at a loss for words. Or maybe we're hungry or tired at the time, both conditions that could affect the way we answer to people.

Whatever the reason is for this particular anti-ICERD (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination) woman, she definitely didn't have an answer ready for the media person when interviewed.

Due to her difficulty in answering during the interview, her friend, who is better at managing the answers, helped her throughout.

Unfortunately for her, the ordeal of the interview did not end just there.

Amused with her plight, netizens on Twitter started to ridicule her lack of ability to properly respond to the reporter, especially since the anti-ICERD rally is deemed to be of paramount importance.

Of course, several people came to the woman's rescue by defending her inability to answer. This led to netizens debating whether people who are fighting for a cause should or should not have the ability to answer such questions.

What do you think about this? Do you think that people who are fighting for a cause should be able to answer such questions? Or do you think the woman was, for whatever reason at that moment, simply unable to come up with a proper response?

Leave your thoughts in the Comment section below!

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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