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An Interview for the Sweet Tooth: These Mooncakes Are Over The Moon!

by Jane Law. |

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream and no one scoops them like Crème De La Crème. Located at Uptown Damansara, this minimalistic dessert bar is known for their artful dessert pieces that geared the whole dessert business up a notch. From quirky yet luscious ice cream flavours like Tau Foo Fah and French Earl Grey Boba to absolutely stunning petits gâteaux like their ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Crème De La Crème has easily become a top contender in the dessert field in Kuala Lumpur despite only planting its foot on the ground 5 months ago.

Recently, Crème De La Crème has been getting a lot of buzz and all for the good kind, of course! Their latest invention has become this season’s ultimate trend. Named as undoubtedly, the ‘best mooncakes’ by Tatler Malaysia and other media hubs as well as food critics, we decided to check them out ourselves.

Surely, do their mooncakes deserve the hype! Not only were they so cute to look at but each one of them were so complex in their layers of flavours as they set all-kinds of explosions to our taste buds. After having them, we let curiosity get the best of us, as we wanted to know more about these cute masterpieces.

Over the course of the week, we had the privilege to interview ice cream enthusiast as well as the managing director of Crème De La Crème, Lio Lim.

Check out what she has to say:

1. How did the idea of Crème De La Crème begin?

We are passionate in perfecting the ice cream scene in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, we are committed on serving only the best artisanal ice cream for Malaysians. We strongly believe that food should be an experience. It is not something that just taste good, but it must also look appealing to our eyes. After all, they did say ‘we eat with our eyes’!

We treat each one of our desserts like how artists tend to their own paintings. They are our precious sculptures and we want to provide our customers a wholesome culinary adventure when it comes to ice cream.

2. What does Crème De La Crème represent?

Crème De La Crème means being the cream of the crop, or in other terms, the best of a kind and we really take pride in what we are doing and creating. We are confident in our recipes that had whip out the highest-grade of ice cream. This is because we do not use any-sorts of artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives.

All of our ingredients are premium, fresh, 100% natural and made from scratch! We believe that if you want the top-of-the-range flavor out of something, you will need not just the best of the best, but the bestest of the best elements to make it! We want to stay true to our vision by being the crème de la crème in this industry.

3. How does Crème De La Crème differ from other dessert bars in Kuala Lumpur?

We are proud to say that we are the first and only Malaysian artisanal dessert haven with highly skilled local pastry chefs. Two of them have been handpicked to work and train under world-renowned celebrity dessert queen, Christy Tania who is also known as a former guest judge in MasterChef Australia.

We offer 18 different ice cream flavors at our parlor in order to cater to everyone’s preference. We even have localized flavors like Musang King, Limau Assam, Pandan Kaya Toast and so many more.

Besides that, we are also not stingy when it comes to equipment. If machines were like cars, ours would be the Lamborghini of all ice cream machines! Hailed from Italy, they make the richest, smoothest and creamiest handcrafted ice creams. Best of all, our ice cream are devoid of icy chunks! All thanks to the machines that have made their quality, consistency and textures incomparable!

4. We love how the designs of Crème De La Crème's mooncakes are so unique and different from the traditional mooncakes that most are familiar with. What was the inspiration and intention behind the designs of Crème De La Crème's mooncakes?

Innovation and creativity have always been synonymous with Crème De La Crème. For too long, mooncakes have become a tad too predictable. There is either an overemphasis on packaging with mooncakes that are uninspiring in terms of taste and design, or mooncakes that are touted to be ‘new’ but lack a convincing conceptual basis to explain why they are created as such. Many have conveniently ignored the conceptual process, creativity, craftsmanship and innovation of the actual mooncakes.

With our ice cream mooncakes, we have not only conceptualized a series of iconic and delicious artworks, but they also tell a story which helps to revive the true meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

5. We notice the names of the mooncake are heavily inspired by Chinese mythology. Is that true? Would you say that is a part of your inspiration to design these mooncakes?

Yes. Other than making them taste as well as look, we really want to tell a story in our creations. We realized that the youths nowadays barely know anything about the Mid-Autumn folklore. So, we decided to incorporate the traditional tales in our design in order to celebrate the true essence of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Our moon cakes come in four petite sizes - Chang E’s Elixir, Fly Me to the Moon, Little White Rabbit and Red Lantern and here's the reason why we chose these four designs:

‘Chang E’s Elixir’ depicts a story of a beautiful, kind-hearted woman, Chang E who drank an elixir from the Queen of Heaven as a desperate attempt to hide it from the villain.

She then flee herself to the moon, as it was the nearest place to the Earth on heaven, hence the name ‘Fly Me to the Moon’.

'Little White Rabbit’ takes inspiration from the ‘Jade Rabbit Story’, in which a white rabbit sacrifice itself so that the immortals will have food to eat.

The ‘Red Lantern’ is a symbolization of Mid-Autumn.

6. As the designs of your mooncakes are so intricate, could you briefly share with us the process and how long does it take to make each one?

Each one of the moon cakes takes about an hour to make. We are serious in the artistry of our desserts. Therefore, we are very delicate in constructing them. We want to serve them perfectly so that everyone can enjoy the same, full experience with our so-called work of art.

7. Last but not least, the artisanal dessert scene has been rising and gaining more recognition in recent years in Malaysia. If you could give one advice to aspiring Malaysian artisan pastry chefs alike, what would it be?

Be daring and do not be afraid to push boundaries. Strive to be the best and do not settle for the norm. As what I would preach, be the crème de la crème of the bunch!

Well said, Lio!

At Crunch by Nuffnang, we honor as well as encourage our community to be innovative and creative in their work. Crème De La Crème has really showed us that creativity itself has no limits. We hope this article has been a thrilling read and perhaps inspire any aspiring bakers out there to push the Malaysia dessert line further.

*All images by Crème De La Crème

You may find out more about Jane on her Instagram.

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