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Activities You Could Do Over The Long Weekend That Won't Break Your Wallet

by Jascinta Leong. |

Everybody loves a good long weekend. The ball is in your court - you could either cuddle up in bed binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix, or you could step outside of your humble abode and venture the world for new experiences! Very often so, if you’re low on cash, you’d opt for the first choice, but here are a couple of activities that you could do without breaking your wallet!

1. Go on a hike!

However, with the haze right now, this probably isn't the best option. Perhaps you could save this for the next long weekend!

Put on those sports shoes you rarely use, pack a couple of energy bars and get a group of friends to go up a hiking trail with you to catch the sunrise! Leave as early as 4AM and hike up the trails to find the sun rising over the horizon, pink and orange hues painted across the sky as a new day begins and the morning turns over the night.

Image by @natashafathihah on Instagram

Hiking is not only a good exercise (that could help you shed some weight your parents have probably been nagging you about), but it’s also an extremely great way of spending time with your friends and family! Talk about killing two birds with one stone, right?

Here are some of the hiking trails you can venture:

  1. Broga Hill, Semenyih (No fee)

  2. Gasing Hill Petaling Jaya (No fee)

  3. KL Forest Eco Park (No fee)

  4. Kuala Lumpur Botanical Gardens (No fee)

  5. Shah Alam Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong (RM1 for MyKad holders)

2. Visit your local museum

Be a local tourist for the day and go museum hopping; discover our diverse local cultures through the art and history captured in the pieces displayed in the museums. Take photos of these beautifully designed museums and you can even upload them on Instagram to fit the aesthetic of your feed! You could either hop on the nearest LRT, take a bus, or even walk to some of these destinations that are mostly placed in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Image by @nur_aqiilah2 on Instagram

Here’s the list of local museums you can visit:

  1. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (RM14)

  2. National Science Centre (RM6)

  3. National Museum of Malaysia (RM2)

  4. Textile Museum (FOC)

  5. Art House Gallery Museum (FOC)

  6. Museum of Asian Art (FOC)

  7. Chocolate Museum (FOC)

  8. Music Museum (FOC)

3. Give back

Spread the love among your community and reach out to those who are in need of help by volunteering! Put your long weekends to good use and volunteer to make the world a better place; visit pet shelters or even orphanages, whichever one you prefer. If you’re more of an environmentalist, you can even choose to volunteer for beach cleanups or at recycling centres!

Image: @sols247 on Instagram

Contact these places to book a volunteering spot:

  1. SOLS 24/7 (educating and empowering underprivileged communities)

  2. PAWS (assisting in cleaning the shelter and spending time with the animals)

  3. Pit Stop Community Cafe (preparation and serving of food)

  4. SHELTER - Home For Children (assist in a range of housework such as laundry, or meal prep as well as teaching or helping in homework)

Volunteering will not empty your wallet, but it will definitely make your heart full of love and happiness!

4. Go thrifting

Getting tired of wearing the same clothes every other day but can’t afford the RM100 pieces that are sold in stores like H&M? Spare your wallet and go thrift shopping instead! Secondhand clothes that go for as long as RM3 that will spice up your wardrobe and give you that new look that you’ve been looking for. Thrifting takes a long time, but you’ve got all the free time on your hands and trust me, once you find a cute sundress or trench coat for a RM10, you’ll feel so accomplished. What a steal!

Image by @okgostore on Instagram

Go thrifting at some of these favourite spots:

  1. Jalan Jalan Japan, Sky Park @ One City

  2. REFASH, Bukit Bintang

  3. Bargain Basement IOI Mall Puchong

  4. Buntil Taman TTDI

  5. OKGO Store, Subang Jaya

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Now that you have a list of things to do other than binging TV shows at home with a bag of chips in hand, get going and make that weekend worthwhile! Your wallet would thank you with some of these choices that you’re making, and so will you.

You may find out more about Jascinta on her Instagram.

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