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Actionable Tips To Build Trust At Your Workplace

by Alif Azizan |

As someone with trust issues, I find it hard to open up to people or mingle around with society. However, as I grew older and (hopefully) wiser, I have come across a few instances that helped me sober up, adapt and ace through such circumstances.

These experiences are all gained thanks to the people who have been (and are still with me) part of my past exploits. It’s a shame to let these treasures dust away with one’s body so I figured that the better course of action is to lend my share of knowledge to everyone out there. Hopefully, these Top 5 (or so I call them) will be an asset to you!

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. Period. It is always the best policy and nothing can top that quality. To build a long-lasting relationship, be it with your spouse, clients or colleagues, you need to be transparent of the company’s values, plans, and goals. A trust built on the bed of lies and deceit will bound to crumble at every possible instance. So why risk your reputation and workplace credibility for cheap thrills and short term gains?

An excellent employee will always have the bigger picture burned to the back of their minds, and being honest is the fundamental step to build trust with the individuals around you.

Be Emphatic

Perhaps the key to building trust at your workplace lies in being an emphatic and decent human being. Don’t harshly punish your colleagues for their errors and setbacks. Educate, not humiliate. Instead of complaints and long rants about their inability to deliver the goods on time, provide them with advice and solutions on the subject. Always tell them that it’s alright to commit mistakes because such is part and parcel of life; on top of them being sorry, ask of them to be better.

Always fulfil your promise(s)

One of the main reasons why trust is hard to come by is probably attributed to your past failures in accomplishing the other end of the bargain. Empty promises are just as good as an empty can or a politician, they always make the most noises. Nobody likes empty promises, and if you happen to make a lot of those then you might as well bid an early farewell to your career life.

The formula is pretty simple, an empty promise equals distrust. A promise always holds a heavy connotation, if you are consistent in fulfilling them, you will find that trust and respect would come running for you, instead of the constant craving for likewise validation (and maybe, just maybe, you will get that promotion you have always dreamed of).

Be Friendly and Accommodating

In order to foster trust among your colleagues or clients, you need to be very approachable. Be gracious towards the new intakes or employees, always make them feel at home and help them if the situation calls for it. Always encourage people to give out their ideas and give them credit wherever it’s due. By doing this, you are gaining not only trust but also respect from your co-workers as well. A positive presence is always welcomed at the workplace, so get out there and be one for the team!

Always Self-Reflect

At the end of the day, you can implement every step above yet still unable to reach the desired goals if you fail to reflect on yourself. Building trust in the workplace doesn’t involve superficial gestures and being a welcoming figure alone. It also rides on your capability for self-improvement. The ability to be better today than the person you were yesterday, that is your main competition, not Chong, not Muthu, not Salleh, but you.

In conclusion, building trust in your workplace ultimately falls on your ability to be a decent human being. At the end of the day, the society or people around you is the mirror which reflects the outcome of your very own behaviours.

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