• Melissa Kartini

7 Things Hotel Maids Know That You Don't

When it comes to hotels, the last thing people ever think about is the maids. Who would, when one is distracted by the incredibly lush room that they had booked, the exorbitantly expensive minibar that it comes with, and the comfy king-sized bed with the wonderfully plush pillows?

As far as most people are concerned, hotel maids are pretty much nonexistent. You'd be surprised to know, though, that the maids might just be some of the most interesting people to talk to at hotels. After all, they've seen a lot, and know a lot too.

What kind of things do they know, you ask? Let me count the ways.

  1. Playing dress-up: Not all the time, but from time to time, hotel maids might try on the clothes you've left in your room. This is especially true if the clothes in question are fancy designer items. If you'd like to deter this from happening, you might want to lock up your clothes. While the chances of them stealing your clothes are slim to none, knowing that someone had been trying them on isn't exactly comforting either.

  2. Sticky fingers: Sure, when you're on holiday, the #1 thing you want to do is rush out to enjoy your holiday. But wait! Before you do so, you might want to lock up your belongings--and this includes snacks that you've brought along. Although we've heard of stories where guests have had their watches, wallets and the like stolen, not many speak about the snacks that they brought along. This is because some maids would pick out snacks that they can get away with munching on, such as an opened box of treats.

  3. Just one more: If you think the meal you ordered via room service might be lacking a little in terms of portions, you might just be right. It is apparently not uncommon for hotel staff to take room service as an opportunity to help themselves to a fry or two from the order.

  4. Constantly pressed for time: Because they are given a set amount of time to clean and tidy each room (like perhaps 20-45 minutes per room), hotel maids are constantly pressed for time. Think of them the next time you feel too lazy to at least pick up after yourself in your room. You might just be making your poor hotel maid late for cleaning her other rooms.

  5. To the loo: What can I say? When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. And with a toilet conveniently located in the room that they're cleaning, what hotel maid wouldn't use it? Nature calls.

  6. Nap time: Being a hotel maid is a physically demanding job, so it comes as to no surprise to know that they sometimes nap in the room that they are supposed to be cleaning. A comforting thought the next time you lay down on the bed you had thought was only for yourself throughout your entire stay.

  7. Don't use the cups: Think that the cups in your room look pristine and virtually untouched? Think again. I can't speak for all maids, but there are some who may, on occasion, just wipe cups clean with the very dirt rag that they had used to wipe down your dressing table. If they find that the cup is filled with water, instead of washing it, they might just toss out the water and again, wipe it down. Gross, but it happens.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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