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7 Things Air Stewardesses Know That You Don't

It doesn't matter how frequently you fly. Unless you were or are part of the cabin crew yourself, you really don't know the full length of what goes on behind the scenes on airplanes. And you can bet that with the numerous flights they've boarded and the thousands upon thousands of passengers that air stewardesses have attended to, they have seen things.

Here are a couple of facts about air stewardesses that they aren't about to tell you anytime soon:

They aren't air waitresses

The biggest misconception there is when it comes to air stewardesses has to do with what they actually do. For many of us, we are under the impression that they are simply there to serve us food and drinks, and to make sure that we are comfortable. Certainly, this is part of their job, but it is not all of it. Their true job on the plane is to keep everyone safe. So the next time you call an air stewardess for an extra snack, be sure to be nice and remember your "please" and "thank you".

They are responsible for your life

As mentioned in the first point, air stewardesses are actually responsible for your life. That said, though, it is not only the passengers who grossly misunderstand the true role of air stewardesses--those who desire to become air stewardesses themselves misunderstand it. It is only when they are actually about to become one and join a team of people who are responsible for keeping about 300 lives safe at about 35,000 feet in the air do they realise how daunting a job it is.

They know how to deliver babies

In addition to keeping everyone safe, air stewardesses are also trained to deliver babies. In case, you know, one of the passengers give birth on the plane--which can happen. Along with helping to deliver babies, they are also trained in other medical instructions.

There's a reason why they dim the lights at night

It might surprise you to know that this is actually a safety precaution. The lights are dimmed during evening flights to get your eyes adjusted to the dark in case you need to evacuate the plane in a hurry. During this time, many airlines also request for you to leave your window shades open. This is so you'd be able to see what's going on outside and so rescuers would be able to look inside.

Grooming standards are strict

Ever wondered why air stewardesses look so immaculate? That's because airlines have strict grooming standards for them--and this is especially true in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, where beauty is everything. Many are also given strict rules on how they can colour and style their hair and makeup; how their nails can only be painted a certain way; and how jewelry must be kept to a standard minimum.

They know how to survive under extreme conditions

While rare, aviation accidents do happen. In the case where one does happen, and you and the rest of the passengers managed to survive the crash, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Air stewardesses are trained on how to survive under extreme conditions, and this includes knowing what to do when food rations are low.

Those blankets and pillows aren't brand new

If you think that those blankets and pillows they give you are brand new, boy, do I have news for you. Even if they come in sealed plastic, don't be fooled, because those really aren't new. While most of us would assume that the blankets and pillows are at the very least washed, they aren't; they are actually reused all day long, which means that thing you're resting your head on might've been drooled on by other passengers. Lovely!

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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