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7 Places to Shop for Nice, Creative Stationery

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

by Asma' Jailani |

There’s just something about cute stationery that adds that little bit of something more to every day - doing mundane tasks like jotting down notes or even scribbling reminders just becomes a little bit more enjoyable. And they’re just nice to have, be it colourful gel pens or pastel printed washi tape or novelty stickers (even if they end up piling up and collecting dust because it’d be such a shame to use them).

Be it for the avid bullet journalist, the enthusiastic student or simply the occasional stationery hoarder, here are 7 stationery stores for you to get your next stationery fix!

1. Stickerrific

Touted as a stationery haven, JayaOne’s Stickerrific is definitely one store that deserves a visit, be it by ardent stationery enthusiasts, dedicated bullet journalists or anyone simply willing to indulge in a little extra kooky splendour. From decorative wax seals and multi-coloured stamp pads to arrays of washi tape and leather-bound notebooks, this place has it all. It also stocks goods from many local artists and designers. Besides its impressive inventory, the store also boasts a drinks-only café and a space for workshops. As an added bonus, a visit to Stickerrific also means a visit to the store’s feline residents, Luke, Leia, Chewie and Han! (yes, just like from the Star Wars movies).

The prices of most stationery range from RM4-RM60 while notebooks have a price range of RM 10-RM 150+.

2. Tabiyo

Located in Seremban and borne from the owner’s love for traveller’s notebooks, it’s no surprise that Tabiyo’s trademark is its selection of Traveler Notebooks sourced from Japan’s The Traveler’s Company. These leather-bound notebooks come in either regular or passport-size; complete with a simple rubber band and a tin clasp to secure its precious contents. That, and its extensive inventory that supplies arrays of washi tape, charming decorative plates and aesthetically pleasing paper clips, to name a few, are all sourced from Japan. This store is perfect for minimalists who are looking for simple aesthetic stationery, and of course, traveller’s notebook lovers.

Prices are on the higher end due to the quality of the products and the fact that all of Tabiyo’s inventory is sourced directly from Japan, with prices ranging from RM25-RM175.

3. PaperGeekCo

This local online business started up by wife-and-husband team Joey & Saw, specialises in delightful washi tapes that feature a variety of themes, some even decorated with extra metallic details just for that extra pop. Besides that, PaperGeekCo also stocks all means of pretty stickers, rubber stamps, cute pens and anything else that your stationery-fan-heart could desire! For those looking for an extra touch of magic in their journals or a way to brighten up their simple notes, this store is for you.

Prices range from RM6-RM22 for stickers and washi tapes, and RM70-RM200+ for stamp sets and bundle deals.

4. Pebble Paper Design

Launched in 2015, Pebble Paper Design was founded by Rachel Chew to serve as a platform for her whimsical illustrations as well as to express her love for beautiful stationery. With a heavy emphasis on floral motifs, while this store mainly stocks colourful notebooks, it also features a selection of phone cases that you can check out here!

For those on a budget looking for a brand-new notebook for class or simply to jot down reminders and scribble doodles, look no further, for these notebooks range from the affordable prices of RM11-RM18.

5. Craftmates

Located in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, this store stocks stationery staples such as washi tape, stickers and stamps. They also stock wax seal beads and an array of wax stamp seals for your perusal. Besides their physical store, their online shop can be accessed on Shopee via this link!

This store is perfect for students who are looking for cute and colourful stationery on a budget, as prices for most of their stickers and washi tapes range from RM2-RM26.

6. ana tomy

Source: https://ana-tomy.co/about/

Believing in a personalised future and the celebration of your individuality, Ana Tomy specialises in notebooks with a personalised touch; allowing prospective buyers to customise every aspect of their notebook according to their preference. From choosing the front cover and the type of paper, to even selecting the colour of the elastic band, ribbon markers and binding wires, it’s no surprise that this brand managed to snag an award for Good Design Award Winner in 2019. They also stock an array of phone cases, pens and even notebook paper refills.

Prices for their notebooks range from RM70-RM138 (depending on size) while gel pens and stickers range from RM7-RM22. This brand is perfect for buyers looking to buy a brand-new personal journal or even a thoughtful gift for someone special.

7. Typo

This brand shouldn’t come as a surprise, what with its numerous outlets found all over Malaysia. Known for its aesthetic products, quirky notebooks and overall ‘hipster’ vibe, Typo has quickly become a crowd favourite due to its vast selection of stationery and Instagram-worthy items. With prices ranging from RM2-RM60, Typo is the perfect destination for students on the lookout for fun and fresh stationery that won’t break the bank! Stop by one of their many outlets to peruse their famous collection of quirky pens and inspirational quote notebooks.

In recent years, the demand for creative and collectable stationery has only been growing, what with more and more people taking the time to step back and reflect on themselves, turning to creative exploits and outlets as not only a reprieve from their busy lives but also as a way to express themselves. After all, sometimes joy can be found in the tiniest things, whether it be your name embossed on the cover of your personal journal, the cute stickers you have pasted on your study notes, or even the novelty cat figurine that’s sitting at the edge of your desk.

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