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7 Illustrators You Should Follow On Instagram

by Lily Low. |

Upon hearing the term ‘illustrator’, I’m sure some of us would have thought of the illustrated works or comics we’ve come across online. The following is a compilation of illustrators on Instagram that I personally am a fan of!

1. @tubbynugget

Source: @tubbynugget

This is one of the illustrator accounts I followed recently – mostly because the main character is the cutest! The idea behind ‘tubby nugget’ was started up by couple Josh Jackson and Jenine Pastores. Their story was shared on an IGTV video The Real Origins of Tubby Nugget. Jenine’s nickname for Josh was ‘nugget’, and Josh used to send little drawings of nuggets to her – especially to cheer Jenine up if she was down. From there, they were inspired to share this character to the world, in the hopes it could cheer others up as well!

In the description of the Instagram account, @tubbynugget content was described as ‘wholesome new comics every day’ – and they really are! From cheering you on, random motivations, relatable posts to tag your friends in, and just reminders of encouragement, I hope @tubbynugget brightens up your day like it does mine!

2. @corgiyolk

Source: @corgiyolk

The whole internet was crazy over corgis for a while – and who could blame us fawning over this cute breed of dogs? @corgiyolk follows the life of an adventurous corgi. The illustrators behind this account create positive content, yet also acknowledge when things can get hard. Missing our loved ones, incorporating real-world events, little motivations, @corgiyolk has got your back!

3. @relatabledoodles

Source: @relatabledoodles

Freelance comic artist/illustrator Cee Chandra is the mastermind behind @relatabledoodles on Instagram. Like the name of the account handle, Cee shares her art through wholesome reminders, laments about life, random jokes, occasional dark humour, and affirmations to get through a hard time. Cee herself stars in these comics, alongside her animal friends!

4. @crazyheadcomics

Source: @crazyheadcomics

Matilda, a Swedish artist and mental health advocate is behind the account @crazyheadcomics. I’ve enjoyed the content on this account, as Matilda is able to break down mental health concepts or reminders in an accessible way for users to understand. From tackling gaslighting, how to better take care of our mental health, self-love, reminders to take it easy and be kind, survival guides, this account feels like a safe space as well as a place to educate ourselves more on mental health.

5. @moodoodles

Source: @moodoodles

You might be familiar with Malaysian illustrator Marissa Voo. If you have seen the guide to #GE14 that was spread around on social media (both in English and Mandarin), she is the artist behind them! @moodoodles shares content such as intricately done lettering, little motivations for life, and even filters for Instagram. From sharing on her ways to stay motivated, her life through illustrations, and reminding us to be aware of what is happening around us – Marissa continues to provide us with adorable content and uplifting updates!

6. @chibirdart

Source: @chibirdart

Jasmine, through the character ‘Chibird’, shares positive motivations through her illustrations. Recently with the pandemic, @chibirdart continues to provide comfort – reminding users to rest, it’s okay to have a bad day, we have sad days, and to not be so hard on ourselves. Chibird also reminds us that it’s okay that we don’t have it all figured out yet. Through different animal friends alongside Chibird, Jasmine reminds us to keep going through the tough times, onwards and forward!

7. @bethdrawsthings

Source: @bethdrawsthings

Beth Evans, through @bethdrawsthings, reminds us to acknowledge our feelings. Whether we are admitting our pursuit of perfection, taking time to find the answers we need, addressing mental health (e.g eating disorders), reminders to take care of ourselves, Beth reminds us it is okay to still be figuring all this out. This journey of yours – you do not have to ‘prove’ your progress!

Whether it be to laugh, fawn over wholesome reminders, or getting to understand a deeper message, I hope you enjoy the work of these illustrators as much as I do!

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