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7 Essential Family Bonding Activities for the Well-Being of Your Children

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Thanks to how hectic our daily lives can be, it can be easy to let family bonding time fall by the wayside. This, however, isn't the way--not if you want to cultivate a perfectly healthy family environment.

After all, that is the most important ingredient you need to ensure your children grow up to be happy, well-balanced adults. Now, what family activities should you and your loved ones do, you ask? Luckily enough, most of the best ones can easily be done within the comfort of one's home.

Having dinner together as a family

If there is room for only one family activity in your overly packed schedule, then this is the one you should aim for. Try to have dinner together as a family as often as possible. Not only is it an effective way to bond, children who eat with their family tend to do better in school, and are less likely to get involved in smoking, drinking and taking drugs.

Travelling together

Going on vacation is a great way to get away from life's stresses, and to simply focus on your bond as a family and reconnect. What's more, travelling is also beneficial for your children in the way that it is educational for them. It is through holidaying abroad that they get to learn about different cultures, history and even different ways of living.

Bear in mind that you don't have to bring your family on an expensive vacation to achieve this. What is most important is that you carve out some down time for them.

Have a family day out

Travelling can be expensive, and even if money isn't a problem, then maybe conflicting schedules is. A quick fix for this is to simply have a family day out, be it to the mall, or a day trip to a nearby town or local tourist attraction. To take things further, make family days out a weekly thing to instill the importance of family in your kids.

Movie nights

Another easy way to bond with the family is to have movie nights. These don't necessarily have to be done at the cinema; they can easily be done at home, where it is comfier and more laid-back.

As an added plus, you can have just about any snack you want. For instance, instead of having regular popcorn, you can have chips and, if you're willing to indulge in your children's sweet tooth, give them some candy. For this, Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables are ideal as they come in fun-sized containers and free Dinoz Toys. Huzzah!

PS: If your kids are young, be prepared to sit through lots of reruns of "Frozen". Just saying.

Cook or bake together

One simply cannot stress enough on the importance of teaching your children how cook. Sure, there'll be a lot of cleanup involved afterwards, but the quality time you had with and the knowledge you passed down to them will be well worth it.

An alternative to teaching them how to cook is teaching them how to bake. It's delicious and a lot of fun. I mean, what child doesn't like playing with dough?

Do a bit of gardening

This family activity may well be on the decline as of late, but it is still worth doing.

Start a garden with your children. Teach them how to plant things, how to water the garden, how to put fertilizer for your little greens. Give your children something to look forward to by planting flowers, or even better, fruits and vegetables with them. There'll be a great sense of pride amongst all of you once you get to enjoy the results months or even weeks later.

Other miscellaneous activities

Other miscellaneous activities? What other miscellaneous activities can there be? Lots, apparently.

There are so many things you can do as a family to nurture your bond even further. You can take art classes together, do chores together, kiss each other goodnight every night, give each other spontaneous hugs and "I love you"s, even attend religious gatherings together.

There are just so many things you can do for the good of your family. Don't miss out on 'em!

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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