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6 Websites To Fuel & Get Your Creative Juice Flowing

by Jessica Qi Qi. |

I’m sure every one of us have our own treasure trove of Instagram pages, blogs, YouTube channels or even websites that we'd love to visit to stay inspired and creative. Here are some of the sites I visit when I feel that my creative juice is running low. They are not necessarily sites that you have never heard of, but they are some of the sites that I feel are not exposed enough or constantly talked about among the creative millennials in Malaysian community.

1. Twirling Pages

Twirling Pages is a blog founded by Alexandra Ling, an American-Chinese residing in Los Angeles. She is a professional ballet dancer whose parents own a ballet studio in United States, hence the domain “Twirling Pages”. The main content of the blog focuses on books and all sorts of literary contents. She recruited a bunch of enthusiastic friends in the reading community and refurbished the website into a lifestyle-themed website.

I find that it is a very uplifting community for me to find inspiration and stay productive. The topics that they discuss about encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from the latest book releases and recommendations to their current playlist and sustainable shopping. Recently, she ventured into YouTube videos as well. Give the sweet girl your support!

2. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is quite an unorthodox and unique name that stands out easily. It is a website that features a daily dose of unique art, culture and technology, as well as a web hosting company. Their main goal is to document and share with the public about important events and people in the field of art, technology and science.

The articles are filled with thought-provoking content and visuals that stimulates your creative juice instantaneously. There’s particularly one article entitled: “Absurd Object Personifications Set in Motion” published recently that changed my perspective and really make you think outside of the box.

3. Interactive Haiku

Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables in three lines of five, seven and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. The Interactive Haiku site contains interactive activities about the discoveries of haikus. From the fonts to the graphics, everything is aesthetically pleasing on this site. I love the colourful wordings against the pitch black background – so minimal.

The interactive games are conducted in a super creative way. For example, one of the games requires the player to place your phone or tablet on a horizontal surface and start your haiku journey by walking your fingers on the screen. The audio and visuals work together optimally to stimulate your senses. It creates a rather relaxed environment in the nature to keep you refreshed and be inspired by the virtual beauty of it.

4. Bored Panda

As far as the website’s name suggest, all the contents on Bored Panda are not bored at all! Bored Panda is a leading art, design and photography community for creative people. It is where you can find inspiration for your creative juice through their visually appealing content.

It has a broad spectrum of online content, including: videos, art, photography, animals, travel, illustration, DIY, good news, digital art and architecture. You can contribute to the site by uploading your work creative work as well!

5. BBC Culture

Image: Quote Master

Some of you might have heard of the BBC site, but what about the BBC Culture site? This is the site that your brain will be stimulated with all the creative juice you’ll ever need. This spin-off from BBC website main focuses on: film, art, books and photography.

BBC Culture brings a fusion of video, images and editorial content from a panel of expert cultural contributors, offering in depth and insightful commentaries on global trends across all the cultural aspects. I often find myself carried away by the writing style and content that is so eye-opening and intriguing at times. If you are a huge fan of pop culture, this is just the right site for you to get all the inspiration you need.

6. Literary Hub

Image: Fire Storm

Literary Hub is created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. This collaborative effort started back in April 2015 and coined as “a new home for book lovers” on Wall Street Journal. It is an organizing principle in the service of literary culture, a single, trusted daily source for all the news. The contributors to this website includes big and small publishers, journals, bookstores and non-profits.

I love this site because it explores all the literary themes and blended them well together with contemporary lifestyle. They often feature author interviews, literary contents, excerpts and short essays, which are light reads within a few minutes in a day to keep your creative nerves alive.

You may find out more about Jessica through her Instagram too!

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