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6 Podcasts That Help Inspire You to Work Harder

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

by Cheryl Choo

School, job, family, and back-to-back dates to go yum cha with your friends, there are so many things to do with so little time. We all know that success comes with the hours of blood, sweat and tears, but motivation to work hard comes difficult when you’re always busy. And when you do get a time slot for that precious ‘me’ time, the last thing your want to do is work.

But what if there are pockets of your busy schedule that you can fill with inspiring stories to boost your mood for the next big thing?

These moments come when you’re commuting in your car, the train or when you’re doing mindless tasks like cleaning your bedroom. Instead of listening to Ariana Grande’s latest hit song again (which, we one way or another secretly love) try taking some time to digest quick pep talks and tips before starting the day.

Podcasts are free goldmines of inspiration brought to you by storytellers and their experienced guests who know how to match their aspirations with their energy and time.

Whether you’re already subscribed to 10 podcasts or new in the neighbourhood, here are 6 podcasts that help inspire you to work harder:

1. For the Ladies - Girlboss

Source: Girlboss

No surprises here. Veteran podcasters will be familiar with host Sophia Amoruso ’s (founder of NastyGal and Girlboss) inquisitive and serene voice as she sits down with formidable women to share their personal insights and lessons on what it takes to be a boss and a lady (boss-lady). Non-pretentious, at times hilarious and 100% honest, these vulnerable conversation – or more like chats with your girlfriends – will leave you laughing in fits and ready to take on the world. Ladies, you’ve got to hear this.

Recommended episode:

A Few Lessons on Being Unapologetic with Bozoma Saint John

2. For The Creative - That Creative Life

Source: That Creative Life

There’s probably no job out there that relies more on motivation as fuel than content creators. For Youtubers, designers, artists, writers, and bloggers, at times we literally wait for inspiration to hit. Brought to you live from New York City, podcast founder and Youtuber Sara Dietschy (“rhymes with peachy!” as she would say) interviews all kinds of personalities under the sun to learn how they express passion emotionally and artistically. There is no better boost of confidence than knowing that even CEOs and leaders need a bit of creative boost in their lives.

Recommended episode:

Loosing 600k Subscribers, Panic Attacks, and Starting Over with Swoop

3. For the Entrepreneur – BFM (Raise Your Game)

Source: iTunes

Let’s give one for the home team! Malaysia isn’t without its own well of local resources. Raise Your Game, one of BFM Radio’s series of podcasts, divulge the practical techniques that leading experts in our country practice to develop in new skills, leadership, communication, and stress management.

Recommended episode:

Tying the Employment Knot – Advice to Keep Your Work Relationships Healthy

4. For the Overachiever - Freakonomics

Source: NPR

Self-proclaimed as the podcast that “discovers the hidden side of everything”, Freakonomics really does delve into almost everything and anything with economic practicality. It comes with quality speakers, notable guests, and elevator music during intermissions. We’re talking Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, the dark horses. Host Stephen J. Dubner’s narrative approach to various topics keeps listeners engaged and hopeful for a life like these giants.

Recommended episode:

Why We Choke Under Pressure (And How Not To)

5. For those Bad at #AdultingOptimal Finance Daily

Source: Stitcher

Let’s face it, not all of us knows how to save, budget, and file taxes on the get-go. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of! And it can get pretty tiring when you keep pretending to nod to expense ratio. Optimal Finance Daily is a friendly, no-nonsense podcast that shares the best personal financing tips from blogs and books that will have you saving up for your EPF in no time. Best of all, no one else has to no about it.

Recommended episode:

Getting More Out of Life When You Have Less Money by Cheryl Magyar with Tiny Buddha

6. For Everyone– Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Source: Stitcher

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to work on ourselves. Change and self-love habits don’t come easily to us. Who better to teach us how to awaken, discover, and connect with the world around us than Big O’? This podcast eavesdrop on Oprah’s conversations with some of the biggest names we know. Just a few minutes into each episode will fill you with the strength to get through any tough days.

Recommended episode:

Daring and Vulnerable with Julia Roberts

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