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6 Items to Help Spruce Up & Create Space for Your Work Station

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

by Ciana Carrie. |

Space is something that we value, especially when we are forced to share a cubicle with our colleagues. We don’t want to invade their boundary, but we’d still like an appropriate amount of space to ourselves - for our own reasons. Working with limited space is associated with a decrease in productivity. The clutter around you somehow gives you a sense that you are being caved in by the workload and unable to catch a breath. In this article, I’ll share with you six items that you should have to spruce up your workstation and create a lovely atmosphere for yourself. All these items are easily attainable and may even be within reach in your office.

1. A document tray

Source: Etsy

If you don’t already have this, try to acquire a 2-tier or 3-tier document tray. With this, you’re able to separate the pile of papers and attend to it according to its urgency. This would prevent you from scattering papers everywhere with the risk of misplacing it or keeping it in the wrong file. If you’re like me, working in an office that’s surrounded by hard and soft copies of documents, you can be rest assured that you won’t lose anything in the midst of the mess.

Here's another option you can find on Shopee as well.

2. Storage box or holders

This is the item that I use to create more space at my cubicle since I have a smaller workstation than my colleagues. You’re free to use any type of boxes that you can find, but due to the ease of convenience, I accumulate the empty copier papers (i.e. FujiXerox) and stack it up until it reaches a reasonable height.

Once I am satisfied with its height, I place the remainder of my files on it and focus on the ones that are left on the table. The files on the table are ones that I’m currently working on or need to be completed in a limited timeframe. This reduces the amount of mess on my table and creates a good filing system.

3. An essential oil diffuser

Source: Pinterest

Essential oil diffuser has two uses: one, it may even lower your stress at work and lead to better performance and two, it stands out as a beautiful art piece, especially when you choose one that is both affordable and appealing. Placed at a corner, it may convert your table from an ordinary, looking workspace to something that is full of life. Failing which, you could instead consider getting an essential oil burner that uses tea candles if it suits your fancy. The only difference between the two is the accessibility to a wall plug. A diffuser requires to be plugged into an electricity socket for it to work while a burner doesn’t.

4. A small fake plant

If you’re unable to get the essential oil diffuser or burner for whatever reason, fret not. You could always consider bringing a small potted plant to your office as an alternative. Since a living one may be troublesome in terms of time and space for you, I’d recommend having a fake one. It avoids you from spending a large amount of time to tender to it. Regardless of the plant being a fake or a living one, the presence of it would be able to beautify your cubicle and making it greener.

5. Multi-Functional Pen Holder

Source: Shopee

All office employees will know the importance of having a pen holder on the table when you have too many stationery lying around everywhere. I’m sure you can imagine the panic of having pens all over your table and the struggle to search for a suitable one, especially when you have a wide array of pens. By having a pen holder with you, it would help to keep all of your pens in an area that is convenient and within reach when you need it. This is to avoid creating additional mess, so it doesn’t matter if you have an average-looking or an attractive one as long as it serves its purpose. As this is a common stationery item, you can buy it anywhere you want too! Places such as Kaison, Daiso, Spotlight or Typo provides a wide selection of designs and functions that suit your needs.

6. Monitor Rack Organizer Desk Stand

Source: Shopee

I haven’t personally used this before yet I’ve seen that it’s beneficial for anyone working in an office. I’m not sure if this is something that you’re familiar with, but if you’re short on space, you might want to ponder getting this. A monitor rack organizer desk stand is basically a functional multi-organizational stand where your CPU monitor is at the top and the shelves below are filled with smaller items. You could store the items that you use often, such as a notebook, staplers, etc. If this is something of interest and assistance, you can purchase it online at Shopee. I hope that the aforementioned list of items that I have mentioned would guide you in your quest to beautify and tidy your workstation. While I understand that the items may not be affordable, it goes a long way in improving your work performance as it gives you more space to work with.

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