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6 Classic & Modern CNY Snacks You Could Gift During Your House Visitations

by Jane Law. |

The sound of festive gongs and cherry, upbeat music that will only be played once a year boomed across shopping malls with groups of passionate dancers mimicking the movements of a lion in vibrant, colourful costumes. Your living room is now decorated with newly sewn curtains and freshly vacuumed carpets. Happy chatter surrounds you as you finally meet your long lost cousins from overseas. You peek in the kitchen to only be enveloped in the delightful smell of your grandmother’s cooking. Something that you will probably only taste once in a blue moon, specifically this very season.

You guessed right! Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Once again, it is time to bring out the firecrackers, lanterns and, who could forget, the plethora of yummy perennial snacks the festival has to offer! From lustrous, buttery pineapple tarts to tender, savoury bak kwas, Chinese New Year is filled with festive goodies we have come to adore (and a great excuse for us to not watch or worry our weight). Yes, it is finally that time of year. The year where kids are anticipating lots of ang paus and adults? They are thinking of the gifts they will be receiving from their closed ones (hopefully not something cheapskate like the two-sizes too small t-shirt from Tesco they received during secret Santa last year).

Still contemplating on what to give to your family and friends this season? Feeling stressed out all because of one simple gift-giving? Well, fret not because Crunch got your back with this spectacular list of suggestions! Here are six unique Chinese New Year treats we think your loved ones might be content to receive this season!

1. The Classic Pineapple Tart

What is Chinese New Year without the auspicious pineapple tarts? Everyone loves a well-made pineapple tart and The Butters Creams makes one of the best! Crumbly, butyraceous crust with blobs of zesty-sweet, caramelized pineapple jam. The paste is not too sweet and has a tint of tanginess in it, perfect for your beloved aunties and uncles who rarely or does not take sugar in their daily diet.

In Hokkien, pineapple tarts are called ‘Ong Lai’, which means ‘prosperity come’ in direct translation. These sunflower cuties are a wonderful gift for your relatives if you want to wish them a year filled with wealth and success.

*Orders close on 20th January.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/thebutterscreams/

2. Filled Kuih Kapit

Kuih Kapit, a nostalgic, childhood favourite. Your Snackies turns it up a notch by smacking dollops of rich, smooth chocolate spread or peanut butter in between those fine layers! Double the excitement, double the flavour in every crunch you take.

You get the absolute best of both worlds with this flaky goodie! What is more interesting is that, in the olden times, Kuih Kapit was said to be a way for lovers to communicate. Hence, the English version of it is named ‘Love Letters’. It is believed that when you eat a Kuih Kapit, it means you take the lover’s message to heart. This would be a great gift for your significant other or if you have a crush and you are finding ways to make a little progress (wink, wink).

*While stocks last

IG: https://www.instagram.com/yoursnackies_/

3. Savoury Cornflake Crumble

A hard to miss Chinese New Year goodie. That Last Bite adds salted egg as their own rendition to the classic and we think it is not a mistake at all! It is delicious, sweet, salty and overall a nice tidbit to munch on during your Netflix binging weekends. Let your kinsfolk try something new this season.

*While stocks last

IG: https://www.instagram.com/thatlastbite/

4. Brookies

This would be perfect for those who love both brownies and cookies! If you're looking for something different but still conventional in a way, perhaps this would be a good choice from September Bakes’! These brookies are also filled with either coconut, peanut butter, salted caramel, raspberry, chocolate and peppermint!

Some would prefer fudgy rich brownies and some would prefer chewy soft cookies but these brookies are best of both worlds!

*While stocks last

IG: https://www.instagram.com/septemberbakes/

Website: www.septemberbakes.com

5. Punny Bak Kwa

A MUST-HAVE during Chinese New Year and perhaps the only time we will be eating them but if you are getting bored with the traditional Oloiya or Bee Chee Hiang’s products, try Bak Off!

Bak Off has an array of succulent bak kwa pieces with creative and wacky flavors like Tom Yam, Garlic, Nasi Lemak, Curry and Chilli Sambal. Our personal favourite? The Curry and Nasi Lemak is worth giving a shot! These flavoursome Chinese jerkies make a terrific treat for your cousins who are more adventurous.

Image: @chiealle on Instagram

Besides that, Bak Kwa symbolizes ‘good luck’ as the Chinese believe the bright redness colour of the meat can ward off negative energy. Who doesn’t like a little luck on their side? We know we do. Plus, the packaging is flamboyant and doodled with funny puns, which is an extra

bonus when it comes to gift-giving.

*While stocks last

IG: https://www.instagram.com/getthebakoff/

Website: https://bak-off.com/

6. Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin/Potato Chips

This snack needs no introduction. Across the years, we have seen multiple new snacks making into the Chinese New Year scene and one of them is the notorious salted egg. If you have any friends who would go gaga over salted egg, this is the ideal treat to give! Housek Gourmet Snacks’ salted egg chips are dangerously addictive! It is crispy, crunchy, savory, a slight spicy with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Image: @riuhinthecity on Instagram

Everything you would want in a bag of chips! If your friends are a huge fan of fish skin, Housek Gourmet Snacks sells bags of those delights in salted egg too! For salted egg lovers, welcome to your heaven. Warning: one packet might not be enough.

*While stocks last

IG: https://www.instagram.com/housekgourmetsnacks/

Website: https://www.housek.co/

We hope we have helped you narrow down your options on what to give to your close-ones this season or perhaps we have given you a little bit of inspiration.

Crunch by Nuffnang would like to wish all those who are celebrating a fruitful Chinese New Year. May you have a blessed year ahead of you!

You may find out more about Jane on her Instagram too.

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