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5 Vintage Instagram Shops You Should Check Out

by Ju Lene. |

One of my earliest (and fondest) childhood memories is visiting my relatives weeks before Chinese New Year. After days of spring cleaning, my older cousins would usually have a bag of old clothes ready to be donated and recycled. I fondly remember excitedly scuffling through these piles of musty, old clothes. Some were torn or even stained, but most were of beautiful quality. If I was lucky, I might have even found the cutest pair of earrings or a flattering bracelet. That was an annual “shopping” routine I believe lead to my everlasting and prevailing love affair with vintage fashion.

As I grew older and stopped receiving hand-me-downs, I found myself intermittently thrift-shopping for vintage clothes and trinkets. There’s quite something about the sentimental value of flipping through pieces of clothing hanging on the racks of thrift stores; each unique textile held a story, and there’s something addictive about the thrill of finding a one-of-a-kind vintage item that is nearly impossible to be bought elsewhere, that just keeps me going back to thrift stores. Whether it be a dainty necklace or a supple leather couch, there’s something in the thrift store for everyone. I mean, if thrift shopping is proven to be more rewarding, affordable, and environmentally friendly, then sign me up for a lifetime.

While I still love the tangible feeling of feeling each item in my hands before purchasing them, some days I just want to sit back and shop from the comfort of my bed. To do that, I usually search for the stores’ Instagram pages and purchase them directly online. Here are some of the vintage stores on Instagram that will have you appear as a unique avant-gardist and a trendsetter to your peers.

1. Delicate Garments (@delicategarments)

Source: @delicategarments on Instagram

Carefully curated and hand-picked, these alluring vintage lingerie pieces are made of clouds. Not just any clouds, but the puffy, lovely and insubstantial pink ones that you see outside of an aeroplane window during sunset. The intricate lace, silk, sheer and slips seem light as a feather and soft as a rose petal. The best part? All vintage garments are below RM30.

2. The Simple Piece (@thesimplepiece)

Source: @thesimplepiece on Instagram

Established in 2019, The Simple Piece has offered over 600 vintage & handpicked pieces that are retro and chic, most of which sell out within minutes of posting. What’s exciting is that some of them are even personally reworked! With an enthusiasm for sustainability and minimising carbon footprints, The Simple Piece ships out their pieces in biodegradable packaging.

3. Vintage Green Café (@vintage_green_cafe)

Source: @vintage_green_cafe and @emilli84 on Instagram

Combine vintage collectables with a good cuppa’ latte and what do you get? Vintage Green Café, a charming café furnished with timeless vintage decorations. Nestled in the buzzing town of Jonker Street, Malacca, this quaint little café is open daily to satisfy your brunch cravings. Not only does the café serve good food and coffee, but you can even shop for vintage trinkets while you’re there! Oh, did I mention the goodest boy who lives in the cafe, Teddy?

4. Vintaged (@_vintaged)

Source: @_vintaged on Instagram

Fashion continues to recycle as iconic vintage bags are making a comeback in recent years. If you’re looking for affordable access to designer heritage brands (hello, Gucci, Dior and Burberry), then you definitely have to check out Vintaged and the luxury beauties that they offer. These timeless vintage bags give me major The Great Gatsby vibes!

5. Thrift N’ Go (@thriftngo)

Source: @thriftngo on Instagram

Fancy a more edgy look? Then you should check out Thrift N’ Go, where androgynous and modern classic streetwear is given a second chance. The shop also collaborates with talented artists to paint over some old denim jackets with eclectic art, giving them a brand-new look.

Gone are the days where secondhand shopping is deemed as cheapskate and shabby. Instead, thrift shopping has become more exciting and convenient than ever. Hunting through thrift shops takes time, patience, and dedication in order to spot a dime among pebbles. But, with the emergence of simple and beautifully curated online Instagram vintage shops, scoring that cool retro tee or that unique brass faucet has never been easier – some as easy as just dropping a direct message.

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