• Melissa Kartini

5 Travel Nightmares We Can All Relate To

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

It's that time of year again. Well, one of those times of year.

With the long weekend in our midst, it has come to no surprise that the travel bug has bitten just about every Malaysian out there. I mean, what better time is there to travel than a super long weekend?! That said, as enjoyable as travelling is, it is definitely not without its fair share of gripes.

Here are the most common problems we Malaysians dread about while on holiday:

When there's a crying baby on the flight

Babies are great and everything (for the most part, anyway), but when they're on a flight? Not so much. There is nothing that people dread more than seeing a baby in plane, especially if the flight they're in for is a long one. No one wants to listen to a baby cry for hours on end, powerless to stop it for fear of coming across as cruel and unfeeling.

We feel you, bro. We feel you.

To solve this, invest in a pair of earplugs. Or better yet, watch a movie or listen to music if the flight you're on offers it.

Losing your luggage during layovers

Possibly one of the biggest mother of all nightmares, losing your luggage during layovers is no picnic. Can you imagine waiting for your luggage to pop out on the conveyor belt, only to be greeted by every other bag but your own? Yep. Not fun at all, especially if you have any valuable snugly tucked in its confines.

Solution? Check in earlier to give the workers enough time to process your luggage. Further secure things by making your luggage easier to identify, be it with a distinctive, colourful tag or a ribbon.

When your credit card gets barred

One of the best things about travelling is being able to enjoy the local delicacies and of course, shop. Who wouldn't go a bit crazy when there're so many things there that you can't find in your own country?

If you don't want your shopping buzz to be killed in the middle of a shopping spree, make sure to contact your credit card issuer before you go overseas. You don't want your card to get barred due to suspicious activities, do you?

When you fall for a tourist trap

When it comes to travelling, there are two types of tourist traps you could fall for. The first is having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a particular item or service, and the second is being led to a supposed "tourist attraction" that really isn't all that it claims to be. The first is obviously a pain in the wallet, but the second, is a punch in both your bank account and your precious time!

Avoid suffering such mishaps by conducting sufficient research beforehand. You don't want to regret having wasted time or money during the rest of your trip.

When your luggage has exceeded the weight limit

A common nightmare among travellers as purchasing more luggage allowance is not cheap. Whenever this happens to someone, you'd know it because you'd see them rummaging through and swapping certain items to other bags- all of this in order to avoid paying more than they'd have to.

And you have little self-control when it comes to shopping overseas too, then it might be time to consider buying a lightweight luggage bag. Bring an extra hand luggage too, because some airlines actually allow you to bring carry-on luggages.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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