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5 Thrilling Movies You Need to Watch Right Now

by Emily Goh. |

With starting off the second half of the year with planning and setting intentions to nail your goals before the year ends, we hope you had a productive start of July!

As much as being productive and fulfilling feels amazing, but the weekend is just around the corner, and we cannot help but look forward to a little bit of rest by curling up watching shows with our favourite chips and popcorn.

If you are looking for a little bit of a thrill this weekend, we have a list of the top 5 thrillers that you should watch this weekend, and we hope you get to snuggle up and have a thrilling adventure to end the week with a bang!


This is a super new one, and it has not even hit the cinemas yet! But director, Alexandre Aja who is known for his horror films like Piranha is back again with yet another water-based horror masterpiece.

If you have an unexplainable fear of alligators, this one will further enhance that fear, so beware!

A girl decided to ignore evacuation orders to find her missing father. Turns out, she found him badly hurt and it was too late to escape the house, so they had to brave through the rising water levels together. However, the hurricane was the least of their worries, as they had to survive an angry pack of alligators who lives amongst the waters.

With their resources slowly taken away by the rising waters, the two characters have to brave through it until help arrives.

If you are interested to watch this movie, you might be able to win yourselves a pair of tickets!

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Watch the trailer of CRAWL here:

2. Birdbox

If you are a horror fan, you most probably have already watched this. But for those who have not, this film is definitely worth the hype.

Easily accessible since its on Netflix, you can watch this post-apocalyptic horror thriller in the comforts of your own bed. With the premise of the movie being this unformed supernatural presence that would influence even the happiest people to go insane and show them their biggest fears and sadness and drive them to commit suicide. Hence, the only way to survive, is by navigating through the world blindfolded.

Watch the Birdbox trailer here:

3. IT

One of the first horror films I actually enjoyed (despite being scared witless), was based off on Stephen King’s famous bestseller novel, It.

For this one, if you have an innate fear for clowns, you will be in for a treat (or not). When Georgie, a six year old boy’s paper boat fell into a sewer, he was greeted by a clown who introduced himself as Pennywise. As he got closer to the sewer while having a conversation with the clown, he was bitten and dragged down the sewer and was never seen again.

With the search of this missing boy, a group of children has to face “It”, which is a shape shifting supernatural phenomenon that makes them see their very own greatest fears, while they fight Pennywise, the scary clown that seems to have date back throughout centuries in their very own town.

Also, It is coming up with their sequel in September this year, so it’s a good time to catch up on the first one now.

Watch IT trailer here:

4. Us

Is it true that good horror movies only need two letters? Because just like It, Us is one of those horror films that leave an impact on you, making it pretty much unforgettable.

Us is also another supernatural horror film that has gain quite a lot of traction when it first came out earlier this year. When a family goes for a beach retreat at the mother’s childhood holiday spot, they are graced upon the arrival of four masked strangers late at night. As these mysterious visitors removed their masks, to their horror, they were greeted with their very own doppelgangers who seem to want nothing but to kill them.

This brings our own demons to whole new literal meaning.

Watch the trailer of Us here:

5. Pet Sematary

Yet another horror based on the infamous Stephen King’s novel, this twisted film follows a new family as they move to a new town, as they discovered a burial ground for animals called the “Pet Sematary”. Their friendly neighbor warns them that the burial grounds may bring back the dead, but to which they are demonised by an evil spirit.

As the family goes through a tragic loss of a death in their family, a guilt and grief-stricken father makes a terrible choice and has to face the consequences.

Watch the trailer of Pet Sematary here:

So there you have it! 5 thrilling movies that would leave you feeling the hair on the back of your neck standing even after the movie ends.

If you would like to stand a chance to catch the premiere of CRAWL happening next Wednesday (10th July) at TGV 1 UTAMA, do check out our Instagram post to see how you can win yourself a pair!

We hope you have a thrilling weekend ahead!

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