• Melissa Kartini

5 Funny Things We Malaysians Do

We Malaysians are a pretty funny bunch, don't you think? We like to complain about everything under the sun, our own country included, then get super defensive if anyone even thinks about agreeing with us (how dare they?!). We like to call everyone but our actual bosses "boss". We have a built-in cultural GPS; we automatically know how to behave with people from different cultures, particularly if they are fellow Malaysians.

We just... really are funny. Here are a couple more because it's good to laugh at ourselves every once in a while:

We speak Manglish

If there's anything we love to do for free, it's butchering every language on Earth, especially the ones found in our country.

In fact, we do it so much we actually have our own brand of pidgin language called "Manglish". It is basically a language where English is used as a base, Chinese grammar is applied and... Well, we freely mix in Chinese and Malay words whenever we please to get our message across. It's pretty hilarious, but it does the job.

We believe in the power of the hand

Want to silence someone? Want to stop one of those pesky, relentless promoters? Or even better, want to stop a moving car?

We believe in the power of the hand. It is by just raising our hand, palm facing forward that we can stop all things undesirable from happening to us. Super convenient, right?

We call everyone "aunty" or "uncle"

We just love creating new family branches. It really doesn't matter who or when it is. Whenever we meet someone older than us, we'd automatically call them "aunty" or "uncle" even though they are technically not related to us.

Come on lah. We are all one big family, right?

We are super busybodies

Got a new boyfriend? Everyone and their grandma would know about it before you've even been official for an hour. Failed an exam? Your neighbour's cousin's aunty knows about it before your own parents do. Just got married? Wahlao, even the person you once met at a party is going to ask you when are you going to have children. Like everything about your life is everyone's business, right.

That said, as aggravating as we can get, it's also because of this nosy trait that we get to help you out should we find out that you're in a pinch!

We love to eat

As the most obese Asian nation in the world, this much should be evident. While other countries have three fixed meals a day, and maybe brunch, tea and supper, we Malaysians don't care what time of day it is. If we want to eat, we're just going to eat, no holds barred! Heck, we are even willing to go on a food trip, even if it takes ages. In the eyes of any respectable Malaysian, driving 2-3 hours just for food is a perfectly acceptable past time.

Like where else can you get food as heavenly as ours?

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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