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5 Creative Workshops To Try On The Weekends

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

by Dewi Ridzuan |

YouTube tutorials exist these days for just about anything. Sure, skipping to certain parts of the video is easier but it is just one-way interaction. For one thing, any questions you’ve got up your sleeve is less likely to be answered as there are lots of comments. Even an email to the creator could get lost.

That is why workshops are now gaining fast traction. You can get a better hands-on experience with a trained professional instead of some bloke from your recommendations list. Whether it’s learning something new or honing an already present skill, here are some creative workshops to try on the weekend!

1. Weekend Workshop

Price per workshop: RM200 - RM350

Anyone of any artistic level or skill can make use of their time at The Weekend Workshop. Here, you can find an array of creative workshops to experience without having to worry about the end result because it is that easy!

Source: The Weekend Workshop

The Weekend Workshop can be found at their brick-and-mortar place in the homey neighbourhood of Seapark, Petaling Jaya. Like many others, they do host workshops without fail every week of the month! Although they specialize in more of the baking and art & craft industry, you can also catch one or two oddballs like macrame-making or lipstick moulding.

It is best to physically be there for the workshop, but they also have a digital version that you ought to check out. The Weekend Workshop also provides online courses, and will deliver relevant toolkits at an all-in-one price to customers! There’s also beginner kit products for the lone rangers who want to try things solo. Most of their kits are also free delivery, so you don’t have to fret about pricey shipping costs.

2. A Space To

Price per workshop: RM150 - RM250+

Have you ever seen those viral videos online of resin sculptures, watercolour lays and the ASMR-worthy bookbinding clips? Well, say goodbye to the screen and hello to A Space To!

Source: A Space To

A Space To can be considered a more ‘atas’ or exclusive place; but no, you do not need to come in dripping of couture from head to toe. This boutique store is known for its aesthetic workshops and the spacious outlet in Damansara Uptown. Their specialty is in niche workshops; you can learn things like mineral makeup making, crystal bracelet assembly, and more!

Their website is not only super user-friendly, but members get a discounted price off their workshops! Even without that, their workshops are considered to be moderate, although there are a few more bougie classes with higher price points. If you wanna sip some homemade tea at home as you do these, they just released their first-ever starter kit! You get not just the tools but also a personal video tutorial on the how-to’s.

3. Stickerrific

Price per workshop: RM200 - RM380

If you love art and are fond of cats, drop by Stickerrific for some furry loving whilst getting your art supplies. Nestled in one of the corners of Jaya One Mall in Petaling Jaya, it is generally an art store with adorable cats roaming around!

Source: Stickerrific

If you haven’t gotten to know Stickerrific, you’ve probably heard of their insta-famous cats Luke, Leia, Chewie and Han! Aside from these furballs, Stickerrific organizes monthly guest workshops with seasoned artists. There’s only one catch though, and that is each workshop usually has very limited seats - less than 15 seats. On the flip side, it’s perfect for those who prefer a quieter ambience.

Aside from the workshops, customers flock over often for many of Stickerrific’s items that can only be found overseas and only a handful of local shops stock them. If you’re looking to stock up on supplies or get their workshop kits, their website now ships twice a week to ensure everyone gets their parcels on time! It’s perfect since they also cater to those digital nomads with weekly online classes featuring floral, journalling, and watercolour workshops.

4. Craftiviti

Are you all about the D.I.Y life? Or maybe you’re a do-it-yourself type of person? If you’re interested to venture with someone with similar interests, Craftiviti is the right partner for you! They specialize in DIY personal care materials and therapeutic crafts.

Source: Craftiviti

You’re probably wondering what ‘therapeutic crafts’ even entails, well it’s mostly workshops on soap making, creating custom hand sanitizers or even beaded candles! If you prefer a more guided tutorial, just sign up for one of their online workshops. However, if you like to steer your own direction, just stop by their store to grab the supplies you want. You can even opt to buy online and self-collect to get your items faster!

For someone who would rather stay in bed or feel more comfortable in their own garden, one can grab any of their ‘Yellow Craft Boxes’ which act as a starter kit. Prices are always changing due to the current state of the market though, so they don’t have a set price as of now. If you’d like to see more of them, stay up to date on their Instagram!

5. The Craft Crowd

Price per workshop: RM165 - RM190

If you have had a tough time trying to find a crowd to fit into, The Craft Crowd can probably help you with that. This humble business can introduce you to the standard workshops right in the heart of Bangsar!

Source: The Craft Crowd

This particular craft community has a full range of classes; there’s art pouring, watercolour portraits, essential oils, and more! They also churn out niche categories that others have not caught on with yet, like marbled notebooks, pallet knife painting, domestic sketching, and so on. During their workshops, lunch is also provided so you foodies out there won’t feel so famished.

Unlike the others, they often have promotions on their self-starter kits! Prices start from as low and RM49 for things like oriental flower painting or calligraphy. Although their website could do with a little bit of a revamp, this close-knit community may just be your new favourite place to hang out.

Some wonder who would want to fork out wads of money for just one class, oh the horror! To be frank, not everyone is there for some ‘me time’ or a form of recuperation. Some learn the 101 on a craft so they can start their own business or side-hustle! Workshops create a lot of opportunities, and the best part is that you control your experience and what you’d like to make of it.

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