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5 Alternative Courier Services to Consider For Your Online Business

by Dewi Ridzuan. |

Whether you’re frequently going to the postal service for your small business or even other personal reasons, it’s time to expand your shipping options! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with Poslaju or Pos Malaysia, but them processing more than 600,000 packages daily has slowed delivery times. It’s no wonder why people are opting for something less bloated - so here’s what they have been using!

1. Ninja Van

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

Businesses have decided to be a little more stealthy and divert from the occasional stop at our national post offices. Now, they’re riding alongside agents who work just as fast - Ninja Van!

With national couriers dealing with pressing demands, others have utilised Ninja Van as they are one of the best alternatives right now. Why? Their delivery times are shorter, meaning your parcel lands on your doorstep faster! Another plus point is that they offer cash-on-delivery, so you can still shop without always needing a card. This is great for those who always carry cash and do not want to disturb their savings in the bank. Still doubtful? Look at Shopee Malaysia; they made Ninja Van one of their third-party logistics partners this year.

Their standard delivery prices are also flat-rate at RM6.90, so say goodbye to calculating shipping costs based on postcodes! If you are a frequent visitor to the post office, Ninja Van makes your life easier when you create a free account with them. On it, you can seamlessly create or manage existing shipments, so you do not need to always fill in similar details for repeat customers! Additionally, if you cannot afford to go to their centre, they do free parcel-pickups from wherever you are, and they will then continue with delivery.

The only downside you have to live with? Nina Van only ships to 6 Asian countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam!

2. EasyParcel

Source: Digital News Asia

Their name says it all - EasyParcel does the trick! This courier does more than just offer you delivery services; they help you calculate the best shipping rates too.

Instead of searching multiple websites, figuring out where the full price list is and punching in a calculator to know the cost difference, your work is somewhat simplified by EasyParcel’s online calculator. Just input your postcode and item’s weight, and they will show you a list of available courier services along with the prices! They will do a sweep check on everything for both domestic and international deliveries.

However, I did a trial test and they will usually show you prices from DHL Commerce, Poslaju and other unconventional courier companies. If you plan on using EasyParcel via another courier, check out their partners here! They have their own standardized packaging too, which you can use no matter which courier service you choose at the end of the day. These flyers of theirs cut down your work as you do not need to handwrite your customer’s details. Instead, you can just print an airway bill, stick it to the designated area on the flyer and you’re good to go!

3. J&T Express

Source: Tirta Winata

We have heard so much of J&T Express, especially during the MCO period when their centres had an overload of orders. You may also be apprehensive due to the viral video of their staff allegedly mishandling parcels. So why is this courier service still a viable option for many?

The answers are simple. Aside from the apparent flack, they do a good job of transportation and logistics just like any of their competitors. This Indonesia-based company has over 4,000 offices and 3,000 drop points. So when they say they can get your parcel anywhere, they really can! Their prices are not only competitive, but they also have one of the best tracking systems as it gets updated as frequently as our own homegrown courier.

They’re also a favourite amongst online businesses, as J&T Express has clinched many deals with e-commerce companies to be their ‘preferred shipping’ partner. Take Shopee X J&T Express Free Shipping Program where sellers can easily ship their customer’s packages for free up to 3KG! They also landed a collaboration with EasyStore - a Malaysian company which is arguably one of the leading e-commerce platforms in our country. J&T Express makes shipping easier for everybody by also taking over your inventory management - if you have lots of product, just rent their warehouse space and they will do all the printing and shipping!

4. Lalamove

Source: Lalamove

This company from Hong Kong is revolutionizing the express shipping market! Instead of getting something within a week, how does same-day delivery sound like to you?

The same people who have the Grab application on their phone, usually also have Lalamove on there too. This is because their prices are not only competitive but sometimes one is cheaper than the other! Lalamove is one of the leading same-day delivery apps in Asia. They’re known for reducing costs and really giving the bang of your buck down to the last mile. Literally, they’re serious about reflecting fair prices when it comes to mileage.

Whether it’s delivering something you baked over to a friend of yours, wanting to post tens or hundreds of business products, or needing to move your furniture as you’re shifting houses, Lalamove’s app has got it all! Just pick between motorcycle, car, or lorry to carry on your essential tasks. If you need a helper to help move heavy goods during your delivery, you can just hire one directly with them. They even lend you a bigger hand with their Buy4U service, where their riders can get what you want based on your shopping list for you! It is safe to say that Lalamove has got pretty much all the boxes checked.

5. DHL

Source: Jan Antonin Kolar

DHL centres look a bit too intimidating sometimes and may make you think that they don’t really do small shippings, but that couldn’t be further from the case!

They are easily the go-to courier service for overnight and international shipping. Although their website may need an upgrade on being more user-friendly, their physical centres and customer service staff are at the top of the game! Not only are they fast and diligent with attending to your queries, but they are also very knowledgeable on shipping terms - something even more than the average postal service.

It’s good to note that when they give you a quote and the estimated delivery time for your parcel, they usually tell you the latest date it will arrive and not the earliest date. So, don’t be shocked if your item has been delivered many days earlier than the aforementioned date! DHL is also known to be on the higher price point end, but the price tag guarantees the speed of delivery and the condition of the item.

If you think about it, courier services expanding more into a digital landscape has made so many things possible. Sending something to a loved one or a customer can be done just by the touch of our fingertips. A few clicks and possibly 48 hours, your item is delivered! Thank heavens for technology, or we would still be waiting on that birthday card 2 weeks later if postal services were still in the 1950s.

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