• Melissa Kartini

5 Advantages of Being an Older Mom

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

While more and more Malaysian women are opting to postpone marriage, and of course, having children in order to advance their careers, we often hear the same-old criticism for their decision to do so: that it’s not good to have children so late.

Certainly, there are concerns about having children at an older age, but what about the positives? We don’t hear about those too often, so let’s dive into this topic for a bit.

You’re more financially stable

When you’re older, you’ve had more time to accumulate wealth. In many ways, this can mean many good things for you and your little one. You’ll be able to buy better food, clothes and toys for your child- and best of all, you’ll be able to afford a better home for you and your new family. These are all things that will contribute to the quality of life you can give to your child.

Here’s another thing about being more financially stable: you won’t have to worry too much about making ends meet every month.

Your children will do well academically

Since older moms tend to be career-driven and or invested in their education, it stands to reason that their children would reap the benefits of such a foundation. These older mothers, through sheer example and their own belief to prioritise education, can set the perfect environment that would help nurture their academic studies. Heck, the fact that these older moms are likely to have an extended vocabulary will do wonders in aiding their children’s language skills as well.

Additionally, highly educated mothers likely have friends and family with high levels of education as well. This too can supplement an already academically inclined environment for your child as they’ll be more exposed to highly educated role models.

More time and attention to give

Now that you’re more established in your career and therefore have more money to spend, you don’t need to work overtime just to make ends meet. This is a major plus about postponing having children of your own; you get to provide them with much needed love and attention during their growing-up years.

You’ll be less stressed out by work too, which will bring great emotional benefits to your child. A mother who is calm will be able to raise her child with patience, after all.

More life experience and wisdom

Something that would have freaked you out ten years ago wouldn’t quite have the same effect if it had happened ten years later instead. With more life experience and wisdom to draw upon, older mothers possess a well of knowledge that can help them navigate through motherhood more smoothly.

That said, motherhood still wouldn’t be without its challenges, but you’ll at least meet them with a more level head.

Older mothers live longer

Good news for older mothers: according to a study done on older mothers’ life expectancy, older moms who had their last child after 33 are likely to live to 95. The same findings apply to women who have babies after the age of 40. Hurrah!

While this doesn’t mean you should postpone having children just for the chance of maybe living longer, this is quite a reassuring tidbit to know. As many modern women know, the pressure of having to choose between starting a family or prioritising their career is a daunting one.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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