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3 Simple Beginner Workout Routines You Can Do At Home

by Srii Ravin

Whether you're practicing social distancing amidst the current situation we're facing with COVID-19 or you're looking for simple ways to start working out, we hope that this article would be helpful for you!

Well, we’ve got just the guide for you to ensure you get your workout done without breaking your bank account by just working out at home.

I’m not a certified fitness instructor; however, I personally followed this guide and I saw results in a matter of weeks. Just by working out at home, I ate better and slept well. We have to remember that when it comes to fitness, results don't show overnight or within a week; consistency is key!

Alright, let’s get right to it!

1. Dance, Dance, Baby!

Turn your bedroom into your own version of a night club by plugging into your earphones and busting out to your jam. It’s underrated but the greatest way to break a sweat when you’re just having fun.

Besides, there’s no pressure. No one is watching you or judging your moves. Dancing is one of those low-impact workouts that you’d find yourself panting and dripping in sweat after but feel absolutely amazing!

Some may not like fitness simply because they find it 'torturing', especially if you're looking to start getting in shape. It's important to take baby steps and to find what would keep you motivated to work out consistently. Perhaps a dance-based workout could be the one for you? There's no need to worry if you have 'moves'; as long as you get your body moving!

Here's a guided dance workout and a compilation of dance workouts you can follow!

2. HIIT at Home

There is an abundance of workout videos on YouTube and it all comes down to which workout you can do. It all looks easy until we actually do it. Remember, don’t strain yourself and sprain anything unnecessarily; most importantly, always warm-up first to prevent injuries. Your workouts do not have to be very complicated, they could be as basic as the ones we did back in our physical education classes in school.

If you’re looking for something quick but impactful, you can opt to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. YouTube has a vast array of HIIT workout videos for you to choose from, and some of them only take up 20 - 30 minutes of your day!

My personal favourite workout video is Fitness Blender or you can try this apartment-friendly series from Blogilates.

The workouts are doable and you don’t realise you’re doing much until you’re sweating and panting for even the slightest exercise. Their pilates videos are also great to follow as their workouts are simple but very effective when done properly. They have different levels of exercises so it’s great for beginners who want to challenge themselves and even the experts when they just want to get a light workout done.

So choose a workout routine that suits your fitness level and your ability to actually do the exercise. Ensure there’s enough space when you’re working out so that your movements can be easily done and you won’t be hitting or knocking into something.

3. Yoga

A lot has been said about the benefits of yoga so the only thing left to do is to try it. If you’ve done yoga before, keep doing it! And for those of you who want to try it but don’t know where to begin, again, there’s good ol’ YouTube to the rescue.

Search for the right yoga videos or ask your friends to recommend videos that would be easy for you to follow as a beginner. It’s best to do it on a yoga mat, or if you don’t have one a carpet works fine too, so long as you can move on a comfortable surface.

Yoga is great for flexibility and stability. It may look easy but don’t underestimate it as it can get complicated and challenging. Do the workouts at your own pace and soon enough you’ll be pretty good at the more difficult ones.

If you're just starting out, Yoga with Adrienne provides good real-time videos for beginners to follow!

So long as you’re moving and not just sitting, it’s somewhat of a workout. It could be as simple as walking up and down the stairs or doing house chores, but the point is to always ensure that you do your workout at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

Once you get the hang of it, then you can take it up a notch and do the more advanced ones. Nonetheless, as much as you exercise, it’s only part of the contribution of what makes up your overall health. Your diet and lifestyle are the other two key components that you should monitor in order for the workouts to be truly effective so that you’ll be in good health and shape. So on top of the workouts, eat the right food in its right portion, tone down on the junk, hydrate often, and get sufficient sleep.

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