• Melissa Kartini

3 Adorable Things Malaysians Did During a 16Baris Concert

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

After Joe Flizzow's cypher show "16 Baris" gained so much attention from both hip hop fans and aspiring hip hop artists alike, it was only natural for official live concerts to be the next big step. The live show held at the National Tennis Centre, Kuala Lumpur on 11th August was a hit, but it was not just the performances and the thriving (and still growing!) hip hop scene that were worthy of note.

It was the behaviour of the fans as well. Some of the things that they did were just too adorable to miss.

Here are some of them:

They know how to party

Anyone who says that Malaysians don't know how to party has obviously not been to a concert held here. At the live 16Baris concert, there were not only Malaysians who bopped their heads to the music, there were also those who yelled in unison when prompted to by the rappers, and held their hands up high, jerking their arms to the beat.

Many also crowded to the front of the stage, eager to be as close to the performers and music as possible.

There was a prayer break

You'd think that after hours of loud, head-bopping hip hop music, with everyone jamming to the beat, that all thoughts beyond having a damned good time would be forgotten-- but no, this was not the case. Even with flashing lights, a catchy rap and the euphoria of getting to watch their favourite idols perform live reigning strong, there was no way any of them would forget their... that's right. Maghrib prayers.

The concert was halted midway in order to give people time to fulfil their religious duties, and they did exactly that, trotting off to pray without a second thought.

They ran back to the show right after praying

Perhaps even more adorable than dutifully breaking away from the concert floor to pray, has to be when it was time for the concert to continue. As soon as it was announced that the show was on again, enthusiastic Malaysian attendees who had just finished praying immediately rushed back to the concert floor, exhilarated.

Many of whom literally sprinted to the front.

With the number of Malaysians who were bright-eyed and just straining to get back into the beat, it was hard to miss their excitement.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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