• Melissa Kartini

14 Great Christmas Gifts to Get on a Budget

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Ah, mass gift shopping. The agony of shopping for just one person is already bad enough, now you have to deal with shopping for God knows how many people? On a limited budget? Have mercy! Luckily, we at Crunch understand your pain, and so have curated a special Christmas list just for you.

Check out this nifty list of thoughtful (and cheap!) Christmas goodies.

A kitchen tool or two

If the person you have in mind is a new homeowner, then gifting them with kitchen tools is a fantastic idea. These are things that take time to accumulate, so additions to their collection would be extremely helpful.

A great recipe book

Thanks to the sheer amount of recipe books out there, it can be overwhelming to just pick one for yourself. Save your buddy that agony by buying a nice recipe book for them, and take it a step further by taking their needs/personality into account. For instance, are they new to cooking? Do they need help with cooking on a budget? etc, etc, etc...

Gardening tools

Another good choice for new homeowners, gardening tools would be greatly welcomed by your recipient-to-be. Just make sure they don't already have tools of their own! (Or at least ones that don't need replacing.)

A customized photo calendar or coffee mug

Gone are the days where we'd have to rely solely on ourselves to create meaningful, memory-filled items. Remember the good ol' scrapbook filled with pictures, anyone? Now, you can up the ante by bestowing those memories on mugs, calendars and photobooks. Who wouldn't love 'em?

Costume jewelry

Accessories are a heck of a lot of fun, and costume jewelry come in a lot more variety than their far more expensive counterpart. Pick up a couple of accessories if you're at a loss as to what to gift to your fashionable someone. These are always appreciated--after all, it means they have more accessories to pair with their outfits!

A nice tote bag

Simple and useful, gifting a nice tote bag is a great way to add some convenience to your loved one's life.

A belt

Belts are useful and more often than not, a fabulous accessory, yet it is something we all fail to buy for ourselves. So the next time you're about to dismiss a belt as a potential Christmas gift? Think again.

A nice wallet

People usually don't really care about their wallets, and as a result, these tend to be subjected to wear and tear. Hence, a wallet would make a good gift--just be sure to take note of your recipient-to-be's fashion sense.

A jar or box filled with candy

Food is always one of the best things to give. Whether as a souvenir, a gift for a special occasion or just because, food is greatly appreciated--especially if it's delicious and aesthetically appealing. Gift your loved one with pretty candy for the holiday!

A mug plus a bag of coffee or tea

Mugs are one of those few gifts that you can give to just about anyone. All you have to do is take their personality and taste into consideration. Do they like playing golf? Then a mug with a clever golf illustration would be apt! You get the picture.

You can also take this gift further by pairing it with a bag of coffee or tea. Feeling extra Christmassy? Then pair it with a hot chocolate mix and a bag of marshmallows.

Homemade goodies

Have a talent for baking? Then you're in luck! You can use your enviable baking skills to bake sumptuous homemade goodies for your loved ones. Nothing says true love better than a full stomach, I'd say.

Gift cards

Know someone who is crazy over Sephora but don't want to risk getting them the wrong thing? Or maybe they like Puma or Marks & Spencers, etc? Then getting a gift card/voucher for the store in mind is a great present to give them.

Travel-sized skincare kit or toiletries

Until airlines allow us to carry as many items as we want, we're just going to have to make do by bringing along travel-sized items to save space. These are another thing that we can't really be bothered to buy for ourselves, so why not buy them for your friends? They'll love you for it.

Bath and body set

Or a great alternative to this is a set of artisan soaps. They're pretty, unique and smell great--what more do you need?

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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