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10 Ways to Calm The Soul When You’re Really Stressed Out

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

by Seetha Ravindran. |

We are all running a rat race in this fast-paced world. We want to strive to be the best amongst best. To be the best student, best employee, best performer and the list goes on. We run and run until one moment when we feel burned out, our brains gets frozen and the heart starts palpitating real hard. We are in the verge of breaking down due to stress.

But, how can you calm the soul when you’re really stressed out? Here are ten simple steps that you can happily follow.

1. Try to rest whenever you can

Let’s get it right on point, guys. There is nothing as precious as a good night’s sleep when you’re a working adult. It a luxury sometimes. Research says adults should get a minimum 6 hours of sleep every day. Not having enough sleep could hinder from being productive. It could cause mood swings, fatigue and stress.

2. Break a sweat.

Sweat is fat crying. More like all the endorphins laughing out loud. Exercising releases endorphins, the happy hormones. They give us the feel-good feeling after having a fruitful an hour workout. Brisk walk, light jogs and swimming are best moderate intensity exercises. Practicing Yoga also enhances your health, increases strength and flexibility. Yoga is also widely practiced to reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

It could be a run at the park or just a walk with your furry friend. The end results would definitely be unregrettable.

If you’re not too sure which yoga places or other studio classes to go to, you could always have a look at flexible fitness membership plans like Class Pass.

3. Read a good book.

Reading has always been therapeutical for me. Being alone with a good book, whether fiction of non-fiction helps me from within. This also acts as a positive distraction when you do not always turn to your phone. Reading before bed calms and clears out the mind.

Here are some calm and easy reads.

4. Cook/Bake Your Favourite Dish

I used to hate cooking but I have a newfound love for it because I changed the way I used to do it. I started off by cooking simple dishes within 10 minutes or so and gradually, you’ll want to explore to cook other dishes.

When I am stressed, I go to the kitchen, look through the available ingredients and plan a meal or a dessert. It tests your creativity on what you can whip up in the kitchen too!

Or you could sign up for a cooking class alone or with your friends at ABC Cooking Studio or The Cooking House. It will be fun!

5. Take a good warm bath

If you are equally a self-care junkie like myself, a warm bath will already be on your list. A warm bath helps circulate the blood flow and help sore tight muscles to relax. I normally take a long warm bath with aromatic body wash and scrub. Don’t forget soak your feet in a basin of hot water. They need some TLC too.

6. Essential oils

Essential oils are my new obsession whenever I need a quiet and peaceful time alone. After a warm bath, light up the diffuser with essential oils and go off to a peaceful slumber. Lavender essential oil is suitable for stress relief.

You may get genuine essential oils at an affordable price at Hive Bulk Store, Jeanie Botanicals and Potions Malaysia.

7. Meditation

Meditation helps to calm the mind to focus to keep anxiety and temper at bay. A research study shows that meditation called ‘mindful meditation’ reduces inflammation response caused by stress. Practice meditation every morning to kick start the day with a calming mind. Breathe in, keep calm, focus and align your thoughts.

Learn how to meditate from these helpful apps like Insight Timer or Calm which are great for beginners.

8. Watch a feel-good movie or TV Show

Image: @alex.wszolek

Similar to reading a good book, watching a feel good movie or series could also be a good idea to destress. I typically allocate one or two movies to watch every week. This way I can snuggle into the blanket with a cuppa hot chocolate have a wonderful time watching the feel-good movies.

Here are a few feel good TV Shows if you're keen on checking out.

9. Dive into art

Image: Apartment 34

Whether you are an artsy person or not, getting into arts such as painting or simply catching a classical dance show are great ways to distract the mind from negativity.

You can dive into your inner child and turn to colouring adult colouring books or sign up for a a calligraphy workshop class as it’s known to be therapeutic to calm the mind from all the stress.

10. Plan your next vacation.

Image: Mrs Now

Last but not least and probably the best of all, plan for your next vacation. As a wanderlust myself, I plan my trips ahead and travel whenever I can. Travelling is not only an alternative to destress, but travelling teaches us a lot about life. Every trip is eye opening to new experiences.

Check out these places to travel when you're on a budget.

Amidst chaos, it’s important to take time off for yourself from time to time too.

Just relax, take a deep breath and practice gratitude. Take one step at a time.

You may find out more about Seetha on her Instagram.

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