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10 Self-Development YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

by Kathleen Largo. |

Personal growth happens when you move out of your comfort zone. The emergence of educational websites like Coursera, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning has made it easier to reach your personal goals. Even though most of these platforms require membership, there remain thousands if not millions of content resources that you can access for free - like on YouTube.

The ancient Greek philosophers had a similar concept to what we now call self-development. “Know thyself” is an aphorism that refers to applying introspection to our personalities that can help to inform and motivate us. According to Socrates, “the only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing.”

From adulting to spirituality, here are some popular YouTube channels with high-quality content that can help in your self-development journey.


1. CrashCourse

Source: Crash Course Twitter

CrashCourse is an edutainment channel created by Hank and John Green who are both educators. They team up with a faculty of experts to produce entertaining “crash courses” on subjects like physics, biology, physiology, economics, and world history. They also created a channel called CrashCourse Kids adapted for their young subscribers.

2. TED-Ed

Source: Medium

Similar to the mission of TED and TEDx of spreading great ideas, TED-Ed is committed to creating educational lessons worth sharing. The channel collaborates with educators and animators to carefully curate the lessons which teachers can readily use to supplement their class.

Have you ever thought that a game of Tetris can make you understand climate change? Or that once in a while, you need brain teasers to improve your problem-solving skills? TED-Ed has 32 episodes of 4-minute riddles that could easily sharpen your mind as well as break the ice during your next awkward conversation.

Inspiration and Motivation

1. Improvement Pill

Source: Improvement Pill YouTube

Improvement Pill (Richard) releases animated videos designed to help you overcome human challenges, like generating wealth, gaining self-confidence, and making smarter decisions. His personal story of dropping out of college at 19, becoming a door-to-door salesman in New York City, and later developing an interest in coaching, makes him a trusted content creator for self-development.

2. FightMediocrity

Source: FightMediocrity YouTube

You may have heard about the best self-improvement books out there. FightMediocrity creates animated summaries that can either inspire you within minutes or motivate you to read the book itself.

The most popular videos covered the best-sellers: Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 4-Hour Work Week, and The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. The channel author also shares his techniques on how to read 2 to 3 books per week, which fundamentally explains his methods for publishing such quality content.

3. Charisma on Command

Source: Charisma on Command

Wouldn’t you want to boost your self-confidence? This channel specifically tackles techniques on how you can develop your charisma. Tips on how to make people laugh and how to be more likeable are some of the basic lessons. There are also videos about how to identify psychological tricks that charismatic people use to manipulate. Usually, each lesson cites popular celebrities and fictional characters to illustrate situations where charisma is lacking or being used.


1. Einzelgänger

Source: Einzelgänger YouTube

“Lone wolf” is what this German word means when translated, describing the channel author who considers himself an introvert. If you’re interested in understanding ancient philosophy and the meaning of life through Stoic, Buddhist, and Taoist perspectives, then this channel might just be for you.

2. Like Stories of Old

Source: Standard

Prior to YouTube, most people prefer visual entertainment to be in film or television form. Channel creator Tom van der Linden shares his love for cinema by creating powerful analyses of movies like The Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, and Mr. Nobody. Even though his videos are 20 minutes on average, expect to be in awe of his critical film review that will make you think deeply about the moral of the story, and how to apply it in your daily life.


1. Esther Perel

Source: Bloomberg

Wouldn’t you agree that self-development requires working outside of ourselves, too? Esther Perel is a famous relationship therapist and host of Where Should We Begin, a podcast that documents actual counselling sessions where couples reveal conflict in relationships.

Esther Perel publishes videos that answer subscriber questions and share interviews with other field experts. Whether or not you’re married or dating someone, the lessons from each video help recognize behavioural tendencies in relationships.

2. ALI’s Tarot

Source: NoxInfluencer

Undoubtedly the most popular and consistent tarot reader on YouTube, Ali gives out free love readings through her channel every week. Astrology may be considered pseudoscience but you can’t dispute that the great philosophers acknowledged the role of explaining the cosmos and how it affects people’s lives.

What makes Ali different from other tarot readers is her straightforward readings. Her approach is friendly, supportive, and entertaining. While tarot reading is in no way therapeutic, its association with the birth chart makes it an accessible tool for introspection and self-analysis.

3. Michael Sealey (237 million views since September 2011)

Source: Micheal Sealey YouTube

There can be all sorts of unique content on YouTube that help improve ourselves, like Michael Sealey’s channel on sharing the power of positive hypnosis. He describes hypnosis as a completely natural state where you can feel relaxed and focus your attention, thereby bringing self-control and empowered choices. But what’s true for many people may not be true for you so it wouldn’t hurt to be careful when exploring this aspect of healing yourself.

The key to success is personal growth. We give meaning to our lives when we become better versions of ourselves that will benefit society. Whether it’s learning knowledge, gaining a new skill, or sharing resources, we each have our own journeys to complete in pursuing our life’s mission on Earth.

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