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10 Most Memorable Moments of World Cup 2018

Like all good things, the World Cup has, as of 15th July, Sunday, come to an end. After numerous cheers, blunders, admirable acts, historic firsts and even downright bizarre moments, we can finally wrap up all the goodness that the World Cup has had to offer. And of course, reminisce over it for one last time before looking forward to World Cup 2022. ;)

Let's go over the list now, shall we?

A jaw-dropping Pussy Riot

At the 53rd minute, a group of people dressed in what appeared to be military uniforms sprinted across the field during a Croatia attack. It was an invasion that did not last for long, but it lasted long enough for photographers and journalists to get some pretty good shots- and videos, of course.

News soon came out that the demonstration was by a Russian punk rock group called Pussy Riot.

VAR in a World Cup final

The existence of Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) has been a cause of controversy for this World Cup, with commentators, players and fans grousing that its existence that meant that many rules had to be changed- and that some penalty decisions that wouldn't have been given out before VAR had been given out.

An example of such a controversy arising was during France's match against Croatia, when France was given a penalty after goalscorer Perisic handballed from a Griezmann corner, sparking debates as to whether it was a deliberate handball.

Hugo Lloris’ booboo

With France up by 4-1, Hugo Lloris' team had been enjoying a comfortable match, at least until the 69th minute. It was at that point that Lloris tried to dribble around Croatia's Mario Mandzukic, and it was then that Mandzukic simply stuck his foot out and scored.

Needless to say, this goal gave Croatia reason to be jubilant.

The Neymar memes

In this day and age, memes have pretty much become a prevalent part of modern culture. Which is why it was only expected that something as huge as the World Cup would produce a fresh surge of memes.

My personal favourite is the Neymar meme. Neymar was expected to capture one of the most memorable moments of the World Cup, and capture it, he did. Just not in the way one would've expected.

Ronaldo’s hat trick

Regarded by many as the world's best soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal, appearing in what will most likely be his last World Cup, did something that will forever be engraved in World Cup memory.

He gave off an epic individual performance by scoring all three of Portugal's goals. Now that, my friend, is the stuff of legend.

Japanese fans being a class act

It doesn't matter whether their team wins or loses. Regardless of the result, in Japanese fans will always clean up the stadium after every match. An act that, needless to say, has impressed people the world over.

When it comes to civic consciousness, Japan is certainly an example worth following.

England ends its penalty-kick curse

For those of you who are unaware, uttering the words "penalty kicks" will earn you groans and grumbles all around the room. And for good reason.

A curse that spans back by decades, England had lost numerous matches that went to penalty kicks at major tournaments. So it was only natural for the thought to enter the minds of English fans during England's match against Colombia.

Thankfully enough, after a nail-biting overtime, England Eric Dier ended the curse by drilling home a kick that secured England's win.

Belgium trouncing Japan at the last minute

Just when it looked like Belgium was the next giant to fall, it made a comeback that would be talked about for the ages.

From a 2-0 against Japan, Belgium made a historic win by scoring three goals at the very last minute, earning it a score of 3-2. It was the first time a team had gone from a two-goal deficit to winning a match in the knockout stage in nearly 50 years (since 1970!).

South Korea eliminating Germany

It seems as though this World Cup has been an especially tense one for World Cup giants, as many of them have had to battle it out to keep their place. One of the most prolific highlights for this particular matter has to be Germany's match against South Korea.

For the first time since 1938, Germany was sent crashing out in the opening round of a World Cup. Ouch.

The final didn’t go into extra time

For the first time since 2002, the World Cup final did not go into extra time. For the first time since June, Croatia did not go into extra time. For the first time in decades, we've had our beloved World Cup final cut short. Alas!

We really could have used that extra time to savour the final for much longer.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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