Woman writing her personal mission statement in her book

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Personal Mission Statement In Life

How do you ground yourself when achieving your goals? It can be overwhelming and challenging when things become difficult. At times, you may feel as if you are lost in the middle of the ocean. This is why you need to find a lighthouse to help you navigate your way back. Here, the lighthouse is finding your own personal mission statement.


What is a personal mission statement?

Woman writing her personal mission statement in her book

A personal mission statement conveys your beliefs, motivations, and representations in life. Basically, it is a powerful tool for branding yourself. It will keep you focused, help you ignore distractions and provide a clearer path to success. In short, a personal statement is manifesting your core beliefs and values in achieving your long-term goals.


Why should you create a personal mission statement?

Now that we know what a personal mission statement is, let’s dive into some reasons why we should create one for ourselves.


1. It is a reminder of who you are.

A personal mission statement represents your core beliefs and values. It is a way of showing how you want to take charge of your life through the integration of your values. Somewhere along the way, when life brings you down, your mission statement will pull you right back up.


For instance, the people around you can overwhelm you with their high expectations or opinions of you. However, with a good personal mission statement, you are free from those limiting expectations or opinions. This is a definition of success that breaks free from people’s approval. It gives you the power to live the life that you want while staying true to yourself. As a result, you will feel the sensation of being totally bonafide and be empowered to live in a manner that matches your beliefs and values. This is surely a secure way to inward harmony and happiness!



2. It helps you believe in yourself.

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The challenges in life can make you spiral into darkness. Let’s be real, challenges are pretty much inevitable in life! We experience self-doubt or imposter syndrome that prevents us from improving, and we feel lost and unable to progress through the challenge.


Instead of wallowing in the darkness, this is the perfect time to turn to your personal mission statement. Let it be your compass to guide you to the path you desire. Through your extreme desire to have optimism in life in your own exceptional way, you can create an inner drive and inspiration that will assist you with feeling greater lucidity, heading, and fulfilment in your everyday life. It upholds you in improving as an effective individual. When your personal mission statement is extremely strong and unshakeable, you will take the necessary steps to work on yourself to accomplish your primary goal-driven objectives.


3. It keeps you on track.

When we get too caught up in life, we can get side-tracked from what is important to us. This is where your personal mission statement comes in!


It will serve as a beacon to hold you back from straying. For instance, when you come across a choice you need to make and realize that it doesn’t fit within the bounds of your own statement of purpose, you don’t have to go through with it. Something might seem like an outstanding idea, but yet that doesn’t mean you want or need to bring it into your life!



How can you create a personal mission statement?

With those reasons why a personal mission statement is important in our minds, here are some practical tips on how you can start creating one for yourself:


1. Ask yourself why you want one.

Before creating your personal mission statement, identify the reason why you need one. What are you trying to achieve with this? Focus on what inspires you, especially things that motivate you and bring you energy. For example, helping others in need, standing up for injustices, healing mental wellness, or anything that you stand for or against. Knowing the reason why you want a mission statement will help you get some clarity on the direction you can head when crafting it.


2. Pinpoint your skills and contributions.

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Next, highlight the things that you are good at. Look at your past accomplishments and identify your specialities or qualities that make you stand out from others. With this, you have a clear path on how you can contribute with your skills and thus be able to see how to best craft your personal mission statement to your advantage.


Other than that, list your contributions too. When you see your contributions listed down, it can help you see how you can best improve according to your own expectations or desires. Always remember to create a mission statement by aligning with your strong suits, as this will strengthen it and make you feel more connected to it.


3. Recognize your core values and goals.

Girl writing her personal mission statement and values in a book

After that, make a list of your priorities. Identify those that can bring you closer to your goals for your life. Choose to focus on the ones that you identify with or the values that are most important to you. Once you have completed this, list down your long term and short-term goals that are aligned with your values. From there, you will be able to draw out an actionable plan based on your priorities to reach your goals. 


For further reading, check out this article on how to create short-term goals to help you achieve your long-term goals!


4. Make it short and simple.

Simplicity is key, as your mission statement does not need to be fancy, complex, and long. Ensure that you use positive language too! For instance, instead of saying “I can’t do this to achieve my goals”, focus on the things you can do, like “I can do this to achieve my goals”. For more tips on how to write your mission statement, here are a few templates and examples to guide you.



Creating your personal mission statement can be a hassle, but the result will be fruitful. This is because it defines how you want to live your life or how you intend to change the world. It will also force you to open up your mind to express what you believe in. Basically, it sums up all your values ​​in a few sentences and gives you a reliable, trustworthy structure to aid you when you take action. It is a way to motivate you to be a better person and create more satisfaction in life. Lastly, your personal mission statement can be your anchor to help you clearly see your vision.

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