Airplane spotting outdoor activities

5 Outdoor Activities You Can Do For Your Next Date Idea

Ever been confused about what your significant other would like to do on dates? Are you always arguing over not planning ahead? Get your notepads ready, boyfriends and girlfriends, as this one’s for you!

The normal narrative when it comes to dates is always on how it’s always the mundane eating out and watching movies. I’m sure a lot of questioning came about then, about wanting to change up date ideas. Of course, with COVID-19, we’ve all connected on one thing – how we’ve taken everything for granted. As we have spent months being indoors due to the devastation of COVID-19, I’m sure many of us are eager to rediscover our favourite spots outside; and well, give date ideas another chance.

So, let’s spice your relationship up with some of these 5 outdoor activities for your next date idea.


1. Airplane Spotting

Airplane spotting outdoor date activities

Want little nice, quiet outdoor date activities that are different? Then, airplane spotting is the answer! This activity is known only by a relative few who frequent the off the beaten track road in KLIA. The drive will lead you straight to Anjung Spotter, a viewing deck that gives you a panoramic view of planes landing. Personally, I feel that the best time to head out for airplane spotting is during the night, as the weather is colder and breezier. So, don’t forget to bundle up and get your camera ready to take some awesome shots as the plane lands!


2. Museum or Gallery Hopping

Museum hopping outdoor date activities

If you research well enough, you’d find that there are tons of museums and galleries in KL that are FREE to enter. From Balai Seni Negara to Galeri Petronas, these artsy outdoor date locations could even give you and your date the opportunity to connect on different conversations, which could definitely help you to get to know your date better. Not only that, but you’d also get to support some of our local artists when you visit these museums or galleries.


3. Beach Picnic

Just imagine, your favourite playlist is playing with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair. Nothing feels better than a drive to the beach on the weekends. Coupled with a picnic, you’d have one of the top outdoor date activities! We have been blessed with lush nature in Malaysia; so, why not make the best out of it? One of my favourite spots is in Morib Beach, Banting where you’d be able to enjoy the beautiful view, and on top of that get to learn more about Malaysian history as you can visit a World War Two monument that was erected there.


4. Short Treks in Public Parks

Trekking public parks outdoor date activities

Source: Taman Tugu Project


Honestly, it’s really time to take some break from having faced our gadgets for months. Get your loved one and go out to explore the public parks in Malaysia for a short trek. A little R&R in the city wouldn’t hurt, especially when it’s also free of charge. A favourite spot of mine would be Taman Tugu, where it’s not only trekking alone but other activities like yoga are carried out for those interested. Remember also that dates don’t have to be special ones, that come once in a blue moon – so… make it a point to get out on a nature date once a week. Your mind would really thank you for that!


5. Adrenaline Rush

What’s a date without a real, hard-core adventure? Well, that’s why we saved the best for last! Get your adrenaline game on by opting to try out extreme sports with your boo. Yup, it can be a tad bit competitive but you’d get the chance to build a healthy relationship with one another. Depending on your preference, it could be go-karting, rock climbing, or bungee jumping – all of these outdoor date activities are readily available with just a short drive.

Go karting outdoor date activities


Hopefully, some of these ideas would help you lovers out there to plan your next date. Times are rough, but it’s not a reason for us to dampen love. It’s also really important to practice precautions still during this time, so pick something both of you want to try out and enjoy it while keeping safe!

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