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Malaysian Social Justice Pages to Follow & Educate Yourself

Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive of all the social justice pages. Thus, it is of the personal opinion of the writer. 


For the general Malaysian, our feeds are either filled with tweets about what a celebrity has done, a gossip-ey scandal or a disaster that has happened somewhere (aside from the content tailored to us).


However, a new type of content is slowly unrolling onto our timelines – social justice pages. 

Asian girl laying on sofa scrolling on phone

These pages come more often than not with their own goal or aim, but at the end of the day it is to educate the public on what they should know about! Whether it’s our rights as a citizen or even a topic about racial ethics, these pages are doing the most (in a good way!).


Not following that type of page yet, or want to follow more? Here are 4 Malaysian social justice pages to follow and educate yourself. Scroll je.* *just / only 


1. YPolitics

If you haven’t registered to vote, it’s about time to do so if you’re 21 and above (or whenever Undi18’s case wins)! However, if you feel like you don’t know much about politics, this page can answer your questions.

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Source: YPolitics


YPolitics is a multi-partisan social media account that focuses on generating more politically-aware youth! Hence, they shed a lot of bite-sized information in 10-slide infographics for you to start learning more. They mainly write about the political framework in Malaysia, from our laws like the Sedition Act, to how Parliament works and how these changes occur under a darurat or an emergency. 


So far, this is the only page on Instagram that publishes content relating to political education! They also do have a Twitter account where they dedicate the Bahasa Malaysia version of their posts there. If you’re looking to become a citizen who cares more about our democratic country, just check out YPolitics as it’s such a low lift task to do! 


2. Women For Refugees

Started by two Malaysians, Women For Refugees uplift refugee women by providing them the right tools and accessibility!

Instagram post about the Politics of refugees in Malaysia

Source: Women For Refugees


Whilst their long-term goal is to equip every refugee woman with the literacy and technical skills they need for this day and age, these bunch of volunteers also physically go down to refugee communities. They also bring with them a whole lot of resources ranging from educational tools to basic necessities such as ingredients. 


Aside from the on-the-ground work, they also churn out infographics that centre around refugees, such as their rights, their livelihoods whilst in Malaysia and more. Out of every other organization, Women For Refugees is increasingly becoming a platform to help these refugees to amplify their voice and rights.


If you’re interested in helping out, or even being up to date with the communities they care for, checkout their socials



3. Girls For Girls

Girls for Girls is an NGO that looks out for all things related to women empowerment – especially in leadership! If you’re a woman looking to develop your soft and hard skills, it’s time you get to know the women behind this organization and what they do!

Although Girls for Girls is an international organization, they also have a Malaysian chapter! As they believe in the same values – that every woman deserves a chance to be an empowered leader, they run many webinars and workshops to help our women become more confident in taking up opportunities and honing their leadership skills. 


Women empowerment instagram question post

Source: Girls for Girls Malaysia


They’re also active on social media, putting out content related to women-focused initiatives, causes and issues! Their social media game and online collaborations are also A+.

Moreover, they’re up to date with any recent events. For example, in one of their last talks with Ain Husniza – the girl who stood her ground and called out her teacher for his sexist teachings. 

If you want to be a mentor, or even sign up to catch up with their latest initiatives, check out their website or Instagram


4. The Noeo Project

Although this social justice page is based in Malaysia, they share in-depth infographics about any topic under the sky that we should care about! The Noeo Project is a youth-led page that publishes write-ups on many different topics.

Want to know more about homelessness in Malaysia? Or your rights when being confronted by the police?

They’ve got everything you need, and if you don’t just send them a DM to suggest! Even better, write for them! They’ve got a segment called ‘Feature Friday’ where a guest writer can submit their post to be published on their page. 

Instagram post about minimal wages in Malaysia related to social justice

Source: The Noeo Project


Out of all the other social justice pages that create activism content, The Noeo Project take the cake. They consistently pushes aesthetic content that’s minimalistic yet impactful!

I mean, one look at their feed and it’s a galore of colours (and content!). They also have another page on Instagram called speakingofsex where they focus on content relating to sexual education reform. 


Online advocacy has always been put down as a form of performative activism. However, not everyone has the resources to be able to put their life on hold and be an on-the-ground activist. Whilst Malaysians are quite lucky to have all these pages that educate us on the everyday issues, it’s time we also take the initiative. We need to educate ourselves more on these issues!

A realism artist and an aspiring filmmaker. She’s also a devotee to R&B music and an advocate for racial equality.

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