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5 Local Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcast listening has become a great tool to help us develop valuable insights from others. Podcasts also act as an amazing companion to pass time whenever we are on the road, on our commute, or when we need a break from work. As much as podcasts are similar to radio shows, we can choose when and where we’d like to listen to certain episodes. We’re no longer tied to a specific time segment and, the best part? They’re convenient and easy to consume.


This age of content has seen an increase in diversified content in the global podcast market. In terms of our own local podcasts, there is also a great variety of engaging contents. They include huge ranges of topics that are relevant and relatable to us Malaysians in our everyday life!


Here are 5 interesting local podcasts that you can start listening to, depending on your interests, passion or even feelings at various moments.


1. Seek to Speak – When you want to use your voice and words for a good cause

Seek to Speak Podcast

Source: Seek to Speak on Facebook


What do Martin Luther King and Barack Obama have in common? They both recognized the power of spoken words and mastered the art of public speaking. You simply can’t deny that verbal communication plays an important role in our daily lives. This bi-weekly podcast addresses the importance of self-expression through dialogues, talks, official speeches and even in campaigns. They also talk about delivering your message with clarity and confidence! 


In each episode, the host (Ain Aissa) and various featured guests offer useful tips on finding your voice, being eloquent at various speech narrative styles, and practical ways of effectively advocating for or against a topic that is close to your heart. These topics can range from an illness that you experienced, raising awareness about child marriage or global warming. This can be done through a balance of content structure and delivery. Listeners can expect and look forward to learning how to be an effective communicator and better speaker, one step at a time. 


You can listen to this local podcast here


2. Quarter Life Crisis – When you want to hear honest, casual conversations on adulting

Quarter Life Crisis Podcast

Source: SYOK


Whether you are a student, fresh graduate, a young adult in your 20s going on to 30, you will be able to relate to the growing “pains” and expectations of all things related to adulting. This local podcast is hosted by Daryl Luke and Soraya (who are also twenty-somethings) from Lite FM under the banner of Syok Cast! It offers a balanced, dual male and female perspective on this journey of adulthood.  


Both the hosts and the featured guests often engage in candid conversations. They do this in a throwback and reflection manner about their personal experiences such as solo travelling, moving out, arranged marriage, pursuing their hobbies and managing transitions. The episodes’ lengths are less than 30 minutes, making this podcast a very light and easy treat. You can sit back and relax as if you are listening to a free-flowing and natural exchange of stories between friends. 


Catch the first episode here


3. Her Duit – When you want to manage your finances consistently and creatively

Her Duit Podcast

Source: Her Duit on Spotify


Her Duit is produced and hosted by Michelle Chin. This is one of the few local podcasts that centre mostly on the relationship between Malaysian women and the world of finance. However, rest assured that the content shared in this podcast is definitely applicable to millennial and Generation Z alike regardless of your gender. In each episode, the host and featured guests break down various micro and macro-financial concepts. They also offer practical tips for those listening on how to effectively curate their finance journey!  


The topics covered are extremely diverse and practical. They talk about serious topics, such as Budget 2021. But they also cover down to earth topics such as quitting a job during the Covid-19 pandemic, how to establish a side hustle, and ways to start investing. You can also expect content about how to maximize budgeting apps, budget planning for wedding preparations, and starting a family. All of the content are backed with real-life experiences and go-to tips!


Catch this podcast on Spotify!


4. Two Book Nerds Talking – When you need a virtual book buddy or an excuse to buy a new book

Two Book Nerds Talking Podcast

Source: Two Book Nerds Talking on Spotify


This is one of the very few literary local podcasts that are based in Kuala Lumpur. It is hosted by a self-proclaimed book nerd duo, Honey Ahmad and Diana Yeong. Book lovers should tune in to this podcast as both of them dive deep into various book genres (both local and international) and even feature interviews with authors. (Check out their interview with renowned Malaysian author, Tan Twan Eng who penned The Garden of Evening Mists!) 


I particularly enjoyed the episode where they discussed the book titled “There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job” by Kikuko Tsumura (what a catchy title!). It addresses burnout among young people at the workplace. I love how they not only cover the plot, or focus on the main characters of the story but also dissect the hidden themes and imagery of the story while relating to real-life examples. Honey and Diana share great chemistry and camaraderie when it comes to their love for a good story. You can definitely feel their passion for reading throughout the podcast. 


Start listening to the podcast here. 


5. Table Talk (The Takeaway Table) – When you need a balance of deep and creative outlook on random topics

Table Talk Podcast

Source: The Takeaway Table on Facebook


The Ming Thing (Remember their viral “Your Accent Come From Where” video?) helms and produces the Table Talk Podcast. Trust me, you will definitely have your fair share of “takeaways” from this podcast! The Table Talk Podcast features super deep, real and raw conversations.


The main hosts (Ming Han and Ming Yue) and occasional guests (usually their fellow social media influencer counterparts) share their thoughts on literally everything under the sun. The topics their cover range from what is trending on social media to mental health, Kpop, the creative industry, bromance, the local music industry and many more. If you’re looking to venture into the creative industry and seeking for ideas, inspiration and insights about this line of work, look no further. You can certainly expect many insider stories about the good, bad and ugly of their journey as a creative.


You can catch the podcast here. 



So, there you have it! 5 recommendations of local podcasts for your various needs and wants. These could be relevant to you at different stages and seasons that you are experiencing in life. You may land on some unexpected nuggets of wisdom or just experience pure enjoyment in terms of listening pleasure!

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