5 Handpainted Press-On Nails By Local Artists You Should Support

Finding quality nail polish or nail press-on brands in Malaysia is tough. Even when you do find them, there are always a few snags that leave you unhappy with the purchase. Either the catalogue offered only had a few colours, or the pigment would be dry and sticky when you first open it. 


If you want to avoid all those headaches, give custom-made press-on nails a chance! These nails are either made from gel or acrylic and can be reusable if you care for them well. Not only does it save you some cash, but you also get to choose what you want the nails to look like. Whatever design you want, these local nail techs can create perfect custom-design nails!



1. Monster Manicures

You don’t know the true definition of drip until you get yourself a nail set from the one and only Monster Manicures. Like how most fictional monsters end up doing in books, Monster manicures press-on-nails are a killer and are truly to die for!


Image source: Monster Manicures on Instagram


Price: Undisclosed, DM them to find out! 


Whether you’re just starting out with press-on nails or have already gone on this rodeo before, Monster Manicures is the best place for both types of consumers. There are a number of reasons why, with the first one being that the artist is truly adept at nail art! I don’t mean the nail stickers you plaster on; all press-on nail sets at Monster Manicures are fully handpainted. This means that they’re fully customizable too! 

A quick look into their portfolio and you’d find really intricate nail art such as the Devil Bratz nail set, the Slytherin nail set, and even this Pastel Sailor Moon nail set. Whatever your idea is, whether it includes line art, comic strip art, or even anime, Monster Manicures can handle it! Say in the off chance you’re overwhelmed by all your options, you could always just ask the artist to surprise you. They’ve done it before, and they’ve done it spectacularly well!


2. Neko Nails

Whether you’re an anime fan or an animal lover, Neko Nails kills two birds with one stone! How? They’ve done lots of anime-styled nail sets. Plus, when you commission a cat or dog design, all the proceeds go to a local animal shelter!

Image source: Neko Nails on Instagram


Price: Depends on design, DM them to find out!


There are just some days when you want your nails to look pretty and to stand out. However, if you really want them to stand out, Neko Nail has got that covered as they have both 2D and 3D press-on nails! 


One can choose to go for a star-studded 3-dimensional nail set like the picture above or go 2-dimensional as Neko Nail is also talented in the portraiture field. You don’t even have to scroll far to find the high-quality nail art that they do, such as this Gojo & His Kids’ nail set, which doesn’t just include one, but multiple portraits! 

If you choose to go more lowkey but still have that Totally Spies vibe, something like this Moon-inspired nail set of theirs could work for your taste. Neko Nails not only has 3D elements to offer, but they also have unique pigments you could order such as this glow-in-the-dark Gojo nail set.



3. Wewe Nails

Do you prefer shiny or matte? Do you love the look of gloss on just about everything? If you fit this demographic, Wewe Nails is about to get themselves a new customer!



Image source: Wewe Nails on Instagram


Price: Starts from RM59


With expertise in fully handpainted gel nails, the majority of the nail sets at Wewe Nails are so glossy that it looks like an Oompa Loompa could slide off it! If you’re into the more glossy yet subtle look, you can try this Lavender Gold Foil nail set so those gold specks can glint and catch someone’s eye.

Whilst Wewe Nails do have a lot of nail sets that look more clean and polished, they also do nail art like this anime or manga inspired nail set. Don’t worry, you could still spruce up your nails with some 3D art like the chains on this nail set.


4. nails.myy

Hailing from Sarawak, nails.myy isn’t afraid to add some colour to your life – and their catalogue!


Image source: nails.myy on Instagram


Price: RM20++ 


This small business may not have the largest catalogue of handpainted press-on nails, but the quality is definitely top notch. To help you browse quicker, their portfolio has a lot of colourful and patterned designs, although their creativity doesn’t end there. 

Whether you want something more straightforward like this pastel coloured nail set, or a dreamy butterfly design, nails.myy is always open for customization! Their prices are also mostly within the RM20 – RM40 range, but the figure does scale depending on how detailed your request is. Nonetheless, you will always still get the standard nail kit for you to apply your handcraft press-on nails.


5. Nails By Bao

You’ve seen quite a number of press-on nail artists already, but spare some time for Nails By Bao too if you’re into the clean, simple and muted look for your nails!


Image source: Nails by Bao on Instagram



Price: RM45 – RM65 


I personally can’t tell which I’m obsessed more about: the aesthetic of their Instagram feed or the nail designs. Simple answer: I’m obsessed with both. You should be too with how immaculate Nails By Bao’s designs are! If you’re into the whole femme fatale look but want to still be lowkey, you could easily opt for something like this glossy beetroot nail set

However, you can still dish out for some nails that someone like Billie Eilish would wear such as this nail set inspired by the singer. Not into Billie? How about something Shego from Kim Possible would glue on, or what Devon Aoki would wear like this flame set? Again, like most local nail artists, Nails by Bao will be able to assist your queries, if any!



Now that you know your options, rest assured you don’t have to worry about the sizing of the nails. Simply enquire with your nail tech on a sizing chart, and they’ll guide you on how to measure your nails or send you a kit to help you figure out your size. After that, you’re good to go have a night out with some custom press-on nails on!

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