5 Local Calligraphy Instagram Pages You Should Follow

Local Malaysian art is one of the most underrated aspects of our country. It is something we only learn about in Pendidikan Sivik (Civic Education) classes in school. There are still many forms of Malaysian art that still exist in our midst, such as the kolam, henna art, and Chinese calligraphy, but they sometimes go about unnoticed or uncelebrated as they do not seem like the most ‘typical’ forms of art.


Calligraphy is one of those art trends that has been all the rage in the past few years. While English calligraphy is not exclusively a Malaysian art style, many of us have grown to appreciate its subtle, elegant beauty and playfulness. It has become a lot easier to create calligraphy art now more than ever before. With the advancement of technology giving us exceptional creative tools such as the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro, and the Procreate application, I’m sure many of us have seen calligraphy art online and have desired to create our own. However, fret not as the art of calligraphy has not been completely digitized yet; there are many amazing calligraphers out there who still use traditional ink, pen, and paint to create their mesmerizing art!


Looking for places to draw inspiration from? Or are you interested in sharing and supporting more of our local artists? Here are 5 local calligraphy Instagram pages you should follow:


1. Elliholi (@elliholi)

Source: @elliholi from Instagram

Elliholi is one of the first local calligraphers that I stumbled across in my calligraphy learning journey. Her style is one-of-a-kind, with a playful and fun twist and vibrant colours that you can always identify as uniquely hers. She ventures into digital art and illustrations more often these days, but also creates some fantastic hand-lettered pieces with copperplate and modern calligraphy! She is truly an inspiration as a self-taught calligraphy artist, and her profile is both pleasant to the eyes and motivating at the same time.


2. Moodoodles (@moodoodles)

Source: @moodoodles on Instagram

Marissa Voo, an illustrator by trade, also creates and posts some beautiful hand-lettered and digital calligraphy on her social media platform. She is most well-known for her “Bubble Tea Bingo” illustrations that went viral during the bubble tea craze that took over our country almost two years ago! Marissa is a truly brilliant individual because she is a strong advocate for low-impact living (refer to this post here) and frequently uses her platform and voice to educate and encourage her followers to adopt a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.


3. Owl and Quill (@owlandquill)

Source: @owlandquill on Instagram

Pui Yee is also one of the more well-known calligraphers in Malaysia. She specializes in copperplate and modern calligraphy and even creates amazing artwork with mere pencils. To me, she is very consistent and hardworking at her craft – and it shows. Her profile is filled with elegantly written calligraphy across multiple surfaces: glass, agate slices, and even wood. She works with a variety of mediums: paint, ink, pencils, acrylics, and then some. She even does engraving too! Pui Yee wholly embodies what directed focus truly means by devoting all of her heart and soul into her craft.


4. LetterLynn (@letterlynn)

Source: @letterlynn on Instagram

Now, what’s sharing local Malaysian art without giving the spotlight to smaller, up-and-coming artists? Good art speaks for itself and it deserves its time in the limelight. What I love most about Jynn’s creations is her brilliant use of colours. The colours she uses in her watercolour pieces blend together in an exquisite way to create a true masterpiece. She also frames her completed works beautifully with gorgeous backgrounds and lighting, and this makes her profile a wonder to behold. I also particularly love the use of florals in all of her pieces as it really matches the soft, nature-y aesthetic she is going for.


5. Inklynn (@inklynn)

Source: @inklynn from Instagram

Karlynn is a friend that I’ve known for quite some time now, and there’s not anyone I know that’s more genuine and encouraging than she is. She’s the one who encourages me when I feel insecure about my art and is always one to arrange art jams with her friends. Her profile is a wonderful mix of brilliant watercolour, smooth digital, and classic modern calligraphy art pieces along with warmly authentic digital calligraphy edited on pictures of herself. Watercolour calligraphy and art are one of Karlynn’s strongest suits, and her art truly speaks for itself. If she sold these watercolour pieces as art prints, I’d probably buy a whole bunch of them to frame and display all over my house! @inklynn’s one of the most genuine Instagram profiles I’ve ever come across, and I really highly recommend her account as the one you should support and share.


We still have much to do to help local Malaysian art get the recognition it truly deserves. Let’s do our part in sharing and supporting the local artists that we know! #patriotik Now that you have some new Instagram accounts to follow, take this as the last push you needed to start on that passion project of yours. Dedicate your time and energy towards it and display it courageously to the world. No matter what happens, know this – you are a wonderfully brave, creative being for sharing your art, your very heart and soul, for the world to see.

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