5 Local Artisan Candle Stores To Check Out

Back when I was a student, I never understood my friends’ obsession with scented candles. Yes, they smell great, but they are so expensive! That was until a friend gifted me a heavenly-smelling candle. I found myself lighting up quite often before I go to bed. Now that I have my own house, the smell of scented candles in my sanctuary does help to set a relaxing ambience after a long day at work. If you’d like to know what kind of brands or types of candles are out there, here is a list of local artisanal candle stores that you should not miss!


1. EJL Candlebar

EJL Candlebar

Source: EJL Candlebar Instagram


EJL is a short form for the founder’s name, Emma Jane Lazaroo, and it was founded back in 2017. Initially started as a hobby, EJL Candlebar is now a business that offers soy wax products for both personal use and door gifts. Their goal is to provide a conscious option for candle lovers out there by only using 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax is made from an environmentally friendly resource; it produces less soot and proven to last longer than paraffin wax. Currently, they are offering 3 different collections: Classic Candle, Luxe Candle and Amber Jar Candle. They have also come up with a gift box, especially for the upcoming Valentine’ Day. To read on how you can get your hands on their limited-edition curated box, check out their Instagram page!


Price Range: RM20 – RM64


2. Zephyrie

Zephyrie - Local Artisanal Candle Stores

Source: Zephyrie Instagram


In 2019, Yolanda and Joelle decided to share the healing power of scented candles and thus established Zephyrie. Their focus is to empower others and provide a healing source that is suitable even for people who are on the go. However, Zephyrie does not only offer local artisanal candles that come in the form of jars and tins. They also sell candles in the form of wax sachets! Their wax sachet is suitable to be kept in enclosed areas in your house, like that little corner of your work desk and even in your handbag. Interestingly, Zephyrie provides scent and candle design customisation for those who just can’t seem to find one that suits their soul. Click here to browse through what they have to offer on their website.


Price Range: RM35 – RM135


3. Little MooMooCraft

Little MooMooCraft - Local Artisanal Candle Stores

Source: Little MooMooCraft Instagram


Next, we have Little MooMooCraft. It was founded in 2019 to encourage people to break free from their daily routine and indulge in craft-making activities. Located in Bukit Jalil City Signature Shop Office, you can purchase not only their hand-poured aroma candles but also get your hands on their candle-making starter kits and all sort of accessories to complete your relaxation session at home. If you are looking for unique looking local artisanal candles, visit their website to make your purchase as a gift for your special someone.


Price Range: RM49 – RM119


4. Barn & Jones

Barn & Jones - Local Artisanal Candle Stores

Source: Barn & Jones Instagram


The new kid on the block, Barn & Jones was inspired by scents that remind us of travelling, good memories and everything worth living for. This is very fitting considering all the things we cannot do after the pandemic, as there are places and people we are currently missing. Their Alpine Trails Candle bring us back to the smell of the aromatic field of lush greeneries in the cold summer breeze. Meanwhile, their Moon Shrine is the perfect company for that late night’s conversation. Barn & Jones’ candles are made from natural soy wax, the finest phthalate-free fragrance oils and they are hand-poured local artisanal candles. Click here to subscribe to their newsletter, grab RM5 off your order, and stay in the loop of their latest stock updates.


Price Range: RM40 – RM65


5. Good Company

Good Company Candles

Source: Good Company Instagram


I love what Good Company stands for! Good Company was created to provide luxe home fragrances that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only that, they use natural soybean-derived sources and environmentally friendly cotton wicks! Moreover, their shipping packaging is recyclable, which helps you reduce plastic waste from deliveries. Good Company offers limited edition travel-sized candles that you can conveniently pack in your bag as an alternative for a wax sachet. Their local artisanal candles consist of mainly tea, fruity, natural and floral based scents. However, if you do not know which one to choose, I would recommend their best-seller Lemongrass Tea Soy Candle. It reminds me of the smell of a luxurious spa! Check out their website to browse through all of their amazing products!


Price Range: RM20.90 – RM64.90



If you can’t make up your mind to buy just one candle, don’t shy away from buying two or three different scented candles. When our brain identifies that a smell is not dangerous during sensory adaption, it stops recognizing it which usually makes us think that the scent has faded away. Therefore, be bold and switch up your candle routine. Just make sure you follow the safety precautions when lighting your candles!

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