Lady making own clothes at home

Learn To Create Trending Outfits From These YouTubers

The everyday person doesn’t tailor anymore, but it’s really because these days, most clothing brands are now mass-produced. However, people are starting to sew their own outfits again because you can then customize it however you fancy. The biggest plus point: your clothes fit you like a glove because you can tailor them perfectly for your size.


Lady making own clothes at home


Although we are all trying to practice sustainable fashion, not everyone has the money or time to sit down for a 12-session course to learn how to make their own clothes. Hence, I’ve gathered a list of YouTube channels where you can quickly learn how to sew your dream clothes. Whether it’s the TikTok tennis skirt or avant-garde corsets, you can find them below!


1. Kiana Bonollo

If the phrase “jack of all trades” was a person, it would look like Kiana Bonollo; except she is definitely a master of tailoring many different outfits.


Pink and red boots diy

Source: Kiana Bonollo


Beginners, hobbyists, and fashion students of all likes would love Kiana’s YouTube channel because of the variety of videos that she has teaching you how to create different types of clothing. Not only can she guide you on how to sew your own corset, but she’s also well versed in other patterns as well such as tailoring wide-legged pleated pants, pleated tennis skirts, and more.


With such great content, Kiana sweetens the pot even more by even sharing her patterns for viewers to use and follow for free! However, do practice being ethical and use her patterns only for your own personal use instead of using them to sell your own ‘line’.The reason is, it takes both skills and time to be able to come up with your own sewing template. The creator was kind enough to share their templates for free, so to use it and sell it off as your own design would mean you’re committing fraudery.




2. Transformations By Tracy

The thing about Tracy’s content is that she really gets into the nitty-gritty of how she goes about her sewing. Any extra advice we can get is always welcome!


Diy influencer cardigan to make

Source: Transformations By Tracy 

By the nitty-gritty bits, I mean that Tracy uploads videos that include in-depth time-lapses of when she’s sewing. This way, you’ll see which pattern and which fabric she pairs together, how she stitches it to the next cutout, and so on. She leaves very little room for any confusion. Considering how learning on YouTube is pretty much a one-way street, that’s a perk right there.


Tracy’s past tutorials include how to make outfits like the Y2K cutout dress, a sheer lace corset, and even a matching box pleated skirt and top. She’s also very candid about her strengths and weaknesses, so don’t feel insecure when you see her stunning craftwork. Tracy’s patterns are also available online for free so you can try your hand at creating any of her designs.


3. For The Frills

Wait, what if you don’t have a sewing machine? Well, you could then try to crochet with ‘For The Frills’ YouTube channel instead. All you need is just a few skeins of yarn, a crochet hook, a darning needle, and a pair of scissors.


Crochet top made by youtuber

Source: For The Frills


For The Frills uploads videos that detail which crochet techniques she uses for every step. She always makes it a point to mention how many rows for each crochet design she uses, and how much of the yarn she roughly takes up. 


You won’t just find the usual crochet tops or hats on her channel though. You’ll also be able to learn how to crochet sweetheart tops, bucket bags, coasters & placemats, and even knot headbands! At least now, you know that you can do more than one thing when it comes to yarn. 


Do remember that for crocheting, you don’t need to go through the hassle of pattern making first. You can just start crocheting immediately!



4. Brittany Alice

Want more trending outfits, but the crochet version? Check out Brittany Alice’s YouTube channel to know how to do it yourself.


Brittany teaches you how exactly to estimate and measure to create new crochet pieces. Her past videos are also never a one-trick pony, as you’d see that she’s taught viewers how to sew striped halter tops, cottage core themed outfits, and more.


A bunch of sewing supply on the floor


Although she hasn’t uploaded many videos recently, she still has quite a number of tutorials up for you to learn her designs for free. The thing about Brittany though, is that she understands that not everyone is a visual learner. Hence, you can see in some of her videos that she’ll provide a link to the written instructions too.


5. With Wendy 

There are many great YouTube content creators out there. However, there’s Wendy, who creates the most creative and out-out-of-the-box ideas for all the fashionistas like herself. 


Content-wise, Wendy’s videos are pleasing to watch due to her innate curiosity for trying out new designs or trends. Go through her video playlist, you’ll learn that many of her videos center around honest journeys where she undertakes new creative challenges. For example, she has multiple ‘I tried…’ videos such as I tried making Beyonce’s outfits or ‘I Tried Making Prom Dresses, Netflix Edition.’ Much of why she’s so open to attempting different styles or challenges is because she’s a self-taught sewing artist! 


Girl with making corset

Source: With Wendy


If you’re new to sewing or feel intimidated by a sewing machine, Wendy’s channel is presumably the best place to kick start your journey. There are many videos on the practical aspects of sewing like the ‘How to Buy Fabric: Terminology & Shopping Tips’ she recorded for those who are still newbies to the thread game. For the more seasoned sewers, if you’re currently demotivated, Wendy keeps it real about her burn out too like in this video where she records her thought process in trying to finish all her unfinished projects. If you want to have a chill sewing sesh, just pull up one of Wendy’s videos and you’re all set. 



Sewing and crocheting may be age-old crafts, but it’s been reinvented every century in some sort of way. That’s the best part about learning either one of these skills, they are so modular that your creativity in coming up with new designs is uncapped.


If you’re interested to read more on customising your own wardrobe, check out this article on Slow Fashion: Local Tailors To Customize Your Wardrobe.

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