Review Of Items Worth Trying From These Korean Marts

There are already a bunch of Korean restaurants in Malaysia. Whether it’s the standard Korean chicken shop or a restaurant that sells an array of Korean dishes, Malaysians are spoilt for choice. 


Fortunately for us, more Korean marts or K-Marts have been opening in Malaysia. It’s not a crazy number of branches yet, but they’re certainly mushrooming! So, if you’d like to know what’s the new K-mart in town and what they have to offer, here’s where to get your Korean fix from!



1. CU Malaysia

Think of your local 7-Eleven store, but with items and food that are mostly from Korea! CU Malaysia is one of the most viral Korean convenience marts in Malaysia, and for good reason.


Source: Korea Herald


CU Malaysia has literal lines of customers waiting outside their stores, and although the wait is long, the food is worth it. One of the foods most raved about is their K-Ojingeo Corn Sausage and the K-Spicy Ojingeo Corn Sausage. It’s not only cheesy (as Malaysians love incorporating cheese into everything), but it has charcoal powder on it too! 


There’s also the famous sweet potato Goguma Mix Fries, which is both sweet and salty. There are also a lot more Samgak Gimbap flavours to choose from than what you have at Family Mart, such as the Beef Bulgogi Gochujang, Tuna Kimchi Fried Rice, and more. 


CU Malaysia is unfortunately only available at 5 locations, but it is available on Grab Mart so at least you can order it online!



2. Shin Korea

Do you know how you can order groceries from places like Tesco online? Well, Shin Korea is exactly that but only for Korean groceries! Whether you want raw ingredients like Red Chili Pepper (Kimchigaru) Flakes, or a quick bite like stir-fried Ottogi Old Days Japchae noodles, you can just pile it all into your virtual basket.


Alike to any other convenience store, they have all the authentic Korean items, such as Korean frozen food, beverages, snacks, kitchen utensils and more. If this sounds too good to be true, just have a go and check it out online on Shopee, GrabMart or Lazada. Shin Korea also offers both standard shipping or express delivery, although the latter is only for the Klang Valley area.



3. Happy Fresh

You may have seen the ads about all the fresh food, but Happy Fresh also sells Korean groceries!


Source: Tech In Asia


There’s a view on their website called ‘K-Mart Delivery’ which explains itself. Although they don’t offer thousands of Korean food listings, but they do have everything you need to make a meal. If you are looking for some rice cakes, they’ve plenty of a few brands like this Chongga Rice Cake. There’s also the paste like the Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste to accompany your dish. 

Aside from that, if you switch up your Ayam Brand Tuna cans for Ottogi Fresh Tuna instead, I will inform you that it’s much more expensive than local tuna.


4. Kimchi Ajumma

If you’re obsessed with Kimchi dishes, Kimchi Ajumma has everything you would want!

Kimchi Ajumma sells readily-marinated ingredients for you to make Korean dishes. If you’d like to make your own Korean hotpot at home, this store already has it’s ingredients such as Dakgalbi Chicken, Chonggak Kimchi and more that’s already prepped for you to just immediately grill!


The best part about Kimchi Ajumma is that they sell meal kits for you to assemble on your own! Depending on what dish you desire such as the Naengmyeon Korean Cold Noodle or the Yukgaejang Kalguksu Korean Spicy Beef Noodle, they have few yet easy-to-cook meal kits for you to enjoy. These packages also state the number of people that they can serve, so if you’re in a group of 4, you’re in luck! 

The only downside is the shipping downtime, which takes 2-5 working days. They also have specific shipping days and more fine print, which you can read their FAQ here.



It’s not rocket science to create your favourite Korean dish from scratch, but at least there are K-marts and convenience stores readily available that help us. Now that you’re aware of these stores, you’re well on your way to being a connoisseur in the Korean food scene!

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