Inspiring Go-Getter Youtube Vloggers That You Should Subscribe To

When was the last time you had a light bulb moment? When you had a new idea or the urge to start doing something you have planned for a long time? At times, what we need is assurance from people who have been there, done that and have the know-how. Here are 5 inspiring go-getter Youtube vloggers you can check out to get inspired to do the thing you’ve always wanted to, whenever and wherever you want.

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1. Sunny Lenarduzzi

If you’re looking to start your own business/creative venture:

A former teen actor, Sunny Lenarduzzi is currently a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring go-getter Youtube vlogger who thrives on building digital brand strategies. Her channel’s content centres on the tools, tips and tricks to achieve a balance in both personal and career growth.


Sunny Lenarduzzi Inspiring Go-Getter Youtube Vloggers

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My favourite video from her channel is “Avoiding Creative Burnout“. The process of creating something can be burdensome if we constantly feel the pressure to perform. Sunny offers practical, feasible steps to content creators and entrepreneurs alike on how to overcome the issue instead of talking about how big the issue is. Her points are balanced with well-researched solutions and she speaks in an engaging and empathetic manner.


Her vlogs also showcased her behind the scenes and personal moments with her loved ones as well as the good, bad and ugly side of starting her own business. You’ll also be inspired by her kindness and dedication to helping the marginalized community with her resources.


2. Jenn Im

If you need a pat on your shoulder while adulting:

Some of you might remember Jenn from her ClothesEncounter channel days with Sarah Chu where they vlog mostly on fashion. She has since rebranded her channel, focusing on lifestyle themed videos on fashion, beauty, self-care, relationships, food, travelling, books and media. 


Jenn Im Inspiring Go-Getter Youtube Vloggers

Source: Jenn Im on Twitter


As a public figure and Youtube vlogger, Jenn does not shy away to talk about matters that are close to her heart. She uses her channel to talk about her Korean heritage and her struggles while growing up in Los Angeles. I also love her book recommendations corner. This is where she not only introduces different books to the audience, but also eloquently and effectively includes her takeaways. 


I particularly enjoyed her videos about her honest view on female body image and the importance of journaling. I think her perspectives are quite thought-provoking! Her husband, Ben and her parents sometimes have a cameo in her videos, providing a family vlog kind of vibe. You’ll definitely be inspired to see the importance of a support team behind Jenn’s journey!


3. Thomas Frank

If you are looking for effective ways to be productive while studying/working:

Can’t remember the last time you were inspired to study or to be more productive? This channel offers various effective studying and learning methods that cater to anyone who just needs concrete motivation to start doing something and finishing well.


Thomas Frank Inspiring Go-Getter Youtube Vloggers

Source: Thomas Frank on Skillshare


An enthusiastic blogger who started writing about his college experience, Thomas offers the audience a dual perspective on what it means to do well in school. As everyone is wired differently, and different subjects may require different studying methods, he introduces a variety of study hacks to help us discover the joy of improving our productivity. These range from flashcards, time management methods using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix.


Rest assured that you are not subscribing to solely watch studying-related videos. Thomas also creates videos about apps, websites, tools and other resources that are related to work productivity,. He also covers useful tips to write a good resume, how to have a work-life balance and many more. I wished I discovered this inspiring Youtube channel while I was still in university!


4. Suyin Ong

If you need tips to manage your finance:

When I first started working in 2019, I had zero sense of financial management knowledge apart from my mum’s financial mantra: Live within your means, don’t overspend. (Which is good advice, but not sustainable in the long run if your savings don’t grow!) Not long after, MCO happened and everyone started talking about emergency funds, EPF reduction rate and side hustles to generate new income. I realized I had a lot to catch up with.


Suyin Ong Inspiring Go-Getter Youtube Vloggers

Source: HelloGold on Youtube


I discovered Suyin’s channel through a Crunch article (Good stuff here, I tell you!). As a former high school teacher who also majored in Economics, Suyin desires to make an impact to improve financial literacy. I love how she talks so passionately and openly about money related topics. At the end of the day, the goal is to achieve financial freedom and this means different things to different people.


If you are clueless about investments, robo-advisors, saving hacks, EPF and the financial arena in the Malaysian context, this is your go-to channel when you are an absolute beginner like me.


5. Li Ziqi

If you need ideas to develop your creativity:

In one of her videos, a viewer described Ziqi as a chef, designer, gardener, seamstress, carpenter, and editor (We stan a jack of all trades!). Her videos are authentic and aesthetic that beautifully captures timelines, changing seasons and life cycles. You will be inspired to see how she handmade her clothes and creates soy sauce from the beans that she has harvested herself.


Lee Zi Qi Inspiring Go-Getter Youtube Vloggers

Source: Lee Ziqi Shop


One of my favourite episodes is when she recorded the process of hand-dyeing a blue calico dress from scratch. She even records the process of gifting the dress to her grandmother too! Currently, her Youtube channel holds the Guinness World Record for the most subscribers for a Chinese language channel on YouTube, appealing mostly to urban millennials. She hardly talks in her videos but English captions are available when she is describing the process of creating.


The major takeaway from her vlogs is certainly the beautiful and serene scenery of rural China. Get ready to be amazed by the wonder of nature and the beauty of creating art with your own hands. Watching her vlogs promises you a healing and therapeutic session and will leave you feeling more refreshed and inspired!



There’s nothing better than being inspired by real-life experiences and lessons by people who have walked their talk from all across the globe. So, wait no longer and hit that subscribe button now to fill in your inspiration tank! For more Youtube recommendations, check out these articles on self-development Youtube channels and insightful and informative Youtube channels.

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