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How to Maximize your Student Life Experience While Studying from Home

In times where people struggle to put food on the table, are laid off from work, and have no resources to meet basic necessities. It can seem insensible to dwell on the student life you’re missing out on or simply, what could’ve been.


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They say “university years are the best years of our lives yet”, here we are, relentlessly stuck within our four walls behind a screen. Missing out on all of the could-have-been that student life can offer.


Though our struggles don’t compare, our fear of missing out is never any less valid. Nevertheless, it remains our responsibility to adapt and make the most out of what we have. So here are some ways we can maximize our student life experience while studying from home:


1. Participating in Class

I know. We are all guilty of this. We sign in to our online classes, leave the laptop on mute with a closed camera and proceed with our classes. If we are feeling it, we drop a listening ear; but let’s be real, most of the time we ‘multitask’.


Whether that be on our phones, on another tab, and at our worst, sneak in a nap during classes. Though it can initially feel overwhelming to turn on your camera, especially if you’re more reserved. However, it is good practice to keep yourself accountable.


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The key here is to treat and think of it like how you’d attend a physical class as much as the situation allows. Even if you don’t have much to say, being present in class makes you more inclined to pay attention. Moreover, it also makes you have more interactions with your peers. Merely showing up counts as participating too and your lecturers will definitely appreciate you for it!


2. Utilize Group Assignments

More often than not, you’re given group assignments to complete with your peers. Take this as a good opportunity to mingle around with them. With classes going online, making new friends and maintaining them can be difficult.


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Hence, you should utilize your group assignments as a platform to work together with your peers. Take the initiative and go the extra mile to schedule a face-to-face meeting when having assignment discussions. If there’s nothing much to talk about you can always circle back to discuss your given tasks.


However, when things go well and you happen to meet a compatible peer, it is always a good opportunity to get to know each other and rant about your online classes. Chances are, you’ll most likely meet someone who is happy to have a friendly conversation. We could all use a little company in getting through tough times like this.


3. Joining a Virtual Club or Society

Student clubs and societies have always been a traditional part of a student’s life experience even during pre-covid times. Now that things are remote, belonging to a part of a community really seems to be more important than ever. Based on your interest, you can always join a book club, the student council, or a debate team. As far as we are concerned, clubs and societies are slowly adapting to online transitions.


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They even have the resources to engage in virtual gatherings. Give it a try, and if you don’t feel comfortable there is always an exit plan. Clubs and societies allow like-minded students to come together for a common cause. It is less challenging to connect with the people here since there is already a shared commonality. Besides, most people in clubs have the intention of building a community and connecting with one another. This will provide you with multiple opportunities for engagement and connection to enhance your student life while staying at home.


4. Be open-minded

Whatever it is, the most useful thing you can do to maximize your virtual student life experience is to be open-minded. Though it is really unfortunate that we have to resort to virtual classes, there is only so much that we can take control of.


Learning to adapt and making the most out of the situation is part and parcel of a student’s life. Next time when things seem a little dull, try to dress up for a class or engage with your friends. On top of that, you can even show up to the talk that your lecturer invited you to or throw a movie party with your coursemates.


Ethnic woman jotting down her class notes in online class

Try to say yes to any opportunity that arises so that you could experience them. If worst comes to worst, you find yourself not enjoying it, you can always cut and run– plus it’s easier done virtually!



At the end of the day, there is only so much that we can take control of. Given the current circumstances, let’s find the tiniest joy in being able to wake up five minutes before classes. Though university could have been a pivotal time of our lives, I believe the best times of our lives come from us making the best out of what we have.


I hope these will help you navigate through your student life throughout this pandemic and help you maximize your student life experience while studying from home 🙂 Hang in there, fellow students!


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