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Tips On How To Land A Job On These Sites And Apps

There’s plenty of sites to apply for jobs easily on, but if you feel like you have applied to hundreds of them and still have no luck, there may be something you’re missing! However, it may not be your resume that is the problem. Maybe you’re not utilizing the job site’s features to its full extent.


Although job sites and apps are becoming more intuitive to what users and employers want, their tutorials usually show you how to navigate around and not how to fully exhaust all avenues. So, here are some tips on how to increase your visibility and profile to employers at the most popular job sites and apps!


1. WOBB – Best In Employer Activeness 

WOBB does a great job in providing job listings that have great UI design as it’s succinct. I must also give them props for having the one feature no other job site has: status updates!

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Source: Time Auction


Both WOBB’s website and app is very smooth and rarely ever glitches. That’s why their status updates—which show you how your application is doing, works so well! These updates can be found. For each job listing, you will be able to find tabs like ‘Viewed’, ‘KIV’ (keep in view), ‘Shortlisted,’ and of course ‘Rejected.’ 


Although you can see the above tabs on both the site and the app, I really recommend for you to get the app as many employers on WOBB send some interview questions through the app’s chat. Usually, just 3 automated questions are sent to you via the app’s inbox, but I assure you employers do read this (if not why would they send the questions out!). Many people miss out on some jobs because they didn’t answer these questions like those who have!


2. LinkedIn – Best in Networking & Professionalism (or Visibility)

LinkedIn is one job site I’d actually invest my money in, and it’s because it has the best visibility and statistical report on your job application process than any other site!

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Source: Search Engine Journal


Firstly, always make sure to dig in to fill in every segment of your LinkedIn profile and I really mean DIG IN. For example, there’s a pencil icon on your profile banner (same row as your profile picture), click on that and fill in your ‘Headline’ with keywords for the job you’re looking for like ‘Digital Strategist’ or even ‘SEO Analyst.’ That way when employers search for people in these categories, you have a better chance of appearing when they’re scrolling!


On your profile too, try to get colleagues to give you recommendations which they can post on your page! You can also do the same for them. This gives employers the hint that you’re the real deal, as no one wants to hire a ‘ghost’ who no one has commended before. There are a few more things to add or tweak, so I’ll list them here:

  • Invest in LinkedIn Premium: It will show you how you rank compared to other applicants and even show you which job posting fits you best based on your resume!
  • Try LinkedIn Learning: Comes together Premium. You can enrol in courses within or outside your field of interests. Anything from accounting, CRM software, personal finance and more. Completing a course also boosts your profile’s credibility!


3. Maukerja – Best in Salary Visibility

Don’t you just hate when you come across a decent job post, only to find out that they won’t share the salary range upfront with you? I personally despite that. Thankfully, Maukerja is aware of how bothersome this is. 

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Maukerja is one the best sites that try to make the experience better for the job hunter—by getting most employers to be transparent with the salary range they’re offering! The majority of their job listings will always give either an estimate or the real-time offer of the salary the employer is offering, that way you can gauge if the job scope equates to the amount they’re paying. 


What also makes Maukerja so user-friendly is that they have the ‘quick apply’ option on each job listing. When you click on this, it immediately shows your details that will be given to the employer, and you have a chance to review it or send it straight. Aside from that, they also have many job listings in the F&B sector! If you’re looking to apply to work in a fast-food restaurant, for example, Maukerja is the place that will have all the listings—and employers are very active as well!


4. Jobstreet – Best in Job List

Jobstreet is considered the ‘OG’ of all job sites. It has been there since the early 2000’s when our parents were still on it. That’s also why it has the largest pool of job listings compared to any other site. On Jobstreet, you will be able to find job listings for every sector, and even jobs that are considered hard to find such as ghostwriting or being a personal assistant. This job site giant has recently levelled up its UI/UX game to become more user-friendly. It’s now much easier to now look out and search for jobs, no matter how niche! 


I do have to bring up that there are still two downsides to Jobstreet. Firstly, employers are semi-active. Adding on to that, Jobstreet doesn’t have a function to let you know your application status. So, you’d be pretty much in the dark most of the time. If you don’t hear back from an employer within the next few weeks, it’s a clear sign you should start or continue applying elsewhere. 


5. Glassdoor – Best in Reviews and Salary Estimator

Glassdoor is not the first choice for some people. However, there are some things this company does that others don’t do—reviews! 

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Glassdoor allows people to leave a review (even anonymously) on places they have worked at before. These reviews are usually provided by other users so they can have more visibility on that specific company’s work culture. You are able to read reviews by other users who comment mostly on salary and benefits packages, company culture, and work-life balance! 


However, if you want to get to know more about a job or what an estimated salary is like for it, Glassdoor has the answers! You can search up a job position in their search bar, and it will come up with the relevant info needed. They also have a Salary Calculator, that helps you figure out what you should actually be earning, although it can be a bit skewed by your personal experience and background. 



A gentle disclaimer from me is that I’m not promising that these sites above will guarantee you a confirmed job. It really is like baking a cake, you yourself need the right ingredients for the job, enough patience to ‘bake’ and wait for a response, and be able to market yourself to employers. All in all, I wish you a smooth journey in landing a job you like!

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